First Time Travelling Outside Asia

In my life up till early 2017 I have ever been in several countries. Those countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia (my home country). It was exciting to travel to those countries. But guess what? All of them are Asian countries which more or less have similarity in terms of the cultures, foods, and so on. I did not have the chance to travel outside Asia before.

February 2017 was a memorable month for me, because it was my first time to travel to a country outside Asia, which was Australia. The reason why I travelled to Australia in February 2017 was because I had to start my student exchange program at QUT. I was excited when I got the chance to do my student exchange program in Australia because I knew that this experience would be unforgettable, especially because it was my first time being in a “western” country.

Being in Australia for the first time, I could feel the difference immediately compared with Asian countries, in a positive perspective of course. It feels different in some aspects:

  1. Culture

Asian countries have eastern culture, whereas Australia has western culture.

Culture (ref)

  1. Food

Rice and noodle are more popular in Asian countries, whereas in Australia potato and bread are more popular.

Food (ref)

  1. People

From what I have been experiencing so far, Australia (especially Brisbane) has more diverse people in terms of nationality than any of the Asian countries that I have ever visited.

People (ref)

I enjoy being both in Asian countries and here in Australia. I am enjoying my life here in Australia while doing my student exchange program especially because I have got so many different experience that I cannot get from Asian countries. All in all, I hope that this experience will be valuable for my life in the future.

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