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ISAQ Welcoming Party

ISAQ (Indonesian Student Association of QUT) is an association for Indonesian students who study at QUT. ISAQ is also open to all other QUT students who have interests with Indonesia. This association holds events regularly.

Saturday, 18 March 2017, ISAQ held an event called ISAQ Welcoming Party from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at QUT Gardens Point room O-314 to welcome new students who just started their study at QUT and also to celebrate the new semester. There were several fun activities in this event. There were several representatives from another organizations as well like UQISA (University of Queensland Indonesian Student Association), SIA (Synergy Indonesia Australia), and many more. They gave speech about their organization and also introduced upcoming events that will be held by their organization.

There was also a game in this event to enliven the atmosphere. The MC narrated a story and when the MC mentioned a particular means of transportation, the participants had to pretend like they were using that means of transportation by forming a sitting formation in that transportation. For example, if a motorcycle is mentioned, then 2 people have to pretend like they were riding a motorcycle. For those who didn’t manage to get partner(s), they were given a penalty. The penalty was they had to mention 7 things related to Indonesia according to the category that was given to them.

After all of these activities there were some free food and drinks provided for the participants. There were several Indonesian traditional food like bakso (Indonesian meatball) and Indonesian traditional snacks. There were traditional Indonesian drinks as well called cendol (made from rice flour jelly and coconut milk) which I cannot get easily here in Brisbane.

Bakso (Indonesian meatball)
Cendol (Indonesian traditional drink made of rice flour jelly and coconut milk)

I and my fellow Indonesian QUT students were chatting to each other during the lunch. We shared our experience here while in Brisbane. It is great to meet someone who are also from my country because we can strengthen our kinship while we are outside our country. Time passed by quickly because we enjoyed ourselves during the welcoming party. I had a really good time being there with my fellow Indonesian QUT students. I hope we can meet them again on another occasion.

Participants at ISAQ Welcoming Party

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