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Did you know if you are a new international student at QUT you can use QUT Airport Reception service for free? It is one of many services that International Student Services (ISS) provides to international students at QUT. In this post I am going to share my experience of using QUT Airport Reception when I arrived in Brisbane for the first time.

There are a few things to remember if you want to use this service. First things first, you must have organized your accommodation in Brisbane before you applied to use this service. It can be either your temporary or permanent accommodation. The next thing to remember is you must book your airport reception at least 3 working days (Monday – Friday) before you arrive. You must also inform ISS if you have any changes to your details as soon as possible.

I applied to use this service immediately after I had arranged my accommodation in Brisbane. To apply for using this service, go to the QUT Airport Reception website. You will need to enter the details needed including your identity, contact information and the details of your flight. After you have entered and submitted your details, you must wait for a confirmation email saying that your application has been confirmed, otherwise pick up cannot be arranged. I was surprised because in my experience it only took around 15 minutes to receive the confirmation email. But the time needed to receive the confirmation email depends on the day and time you lodge the application as it can take up to 3 working days to receive the confirmation email.

When it came the day I arrived in Brisbane, all I needed to do was to look for the QUT representative holding the QUT logo at Brisbane airport. It was easy to spot them. I approached one of the staff and told them that I had registered to use the airport reception service as a new international student. They looked up for my name on the student list. When they found it, they labeled my luggage with a label with my name on it. I also received a welcome pack containing documents with information related to QUT.

I and the welcome pack.

After all students from my flight had gathered, we were guided to the car that will take us to our accommodations.

My fellow international students and the car that took us to each of our accommodations.

In a short while we departed from the airport. It took around 25 minutes from Brisbane Airport to my accommodation which is located in Brisbane City. It was a pleasure for me to use QUT Airport Reception service and I am glad that QUT has such service for their international students. Thank you, QUT, for providing this service for me and all the international students!

N.B. I am an international student at QUT and do not officially represent QUT about this post.

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