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Orientation Lunch

Monday, 20 February 2017 marked the commencement of O-Week at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for academic calendar 2017. There was a lot of interesting events during the O-Week. One of the interesting events that caught my eyes was the $2 lunches. It was simply because you cannot get $2 worth of lunches anywhere near QUT. Because of that, this event was included in my must-attend events during the O-Week and in which I always had my lunch during the O-Week (of course because of the price).

There were many stalls that were selling a variety of food from different parts of the world. I could not resist to try these foods, so I bought some 2-dollar tickets that act as vouchers to buy the food. These are the pictures of the food that I bought during the O-Week:

Tibetan Momo (Dumpling) and Steamed Bun
Langos Bread
Brazilian BBQ
Aussie Beef Burger
Japanese Curry

To complement these foods, there was a stall that was offering FREE shaved ice with syrup as the dessert. I tried this shaved ice with syrup also.

Shaved Ice with Syrup

I tell you what, these foods were delicious and yummy while the price was really affordable for college students! I hope QUT can hold such event every day during the semester (LOL). All in all, this orientation lunch was amazing and I am looking forward to seeing next such event from QUT.

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