The semester is starting in less than a month?!!! That’s fast, where did the time go? It feels like yesterday where the holiday started. My friends and I have been trying to have fun and travel around before the start of the stressful period.┬áLast week, we went for a road trip┬áto see the sunflowers at the Sunflower Route.

We drove along the road from Warwick to Allora and were welcomed by sunflowers. However, some of the sunflowers were not blooming. Nevertheless, it was a nice drive with a nice view.

Smiling brightly!

We went there in the evening to catch the sunset as well (too lazy to wake up early for the sunrise :P) and it was beautiful! It was fun travelling around and discovering the beauty of Queensland.



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    Nduwamungu Egide

    It is very nice now. Thank you

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