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4 hours in Adelaide

4 hours in Adelaide? You must be wondering why did I only stay for such a short time in Adelaide!

Actually I originally planned for a one day trip to Adelaide as I need to go there to apply for a Schengen visa. But unfortunately I missed my flight because I couldn’t print my boarding pass in time. It was a tough time at the airport as I stayed there to wait for the earliest flight in the morning the next day.

Anyway, put the  bad luck aside, I still enjoyed the 4 hours I had at Adelaide a lot. The following are some differences I noticed between Adelaide and Brisbane:

  • The concession bus fare from Adelaide airport to city was only $1.30. I was a bit surprised because compare with the $20 train fare from Brisbane city to airport, this is a lot cheaper
  • The road in Adelaide city is wider. The moment I arrived at the city, I can feel it is much wider and open compared with Brisbane

    Adelaide city
    Adelaide city
  • Bus station board is also different
    Bus station board in Adelaide city
    Bus station board in Adelaide city

    I really hope I could’ve stay there longer and explore more about this city. However, I still had 3 exams to attend at that time, so I flew back in the afternoon on the same day. But it was fun to notice some differences between these two cities. I will go back there again one day and learn more about Adelaide!


    Bye Adelaide, I’ll be back!

In 2015 I came to Australia and became an international student here. Ever since then I started my journey of getting more engaged in university, seeking internship and making more friends. I always strive to live in the moment because time is really short for us international students!

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