Beautiful places surrounding Brisbane

Graduation season is around the corner! So today I will share about some places or activities that I have visited and tried before and hope it may be helpful for those are planning a trip for the family and friends who come to attend the graduation ceremony at QUT.

  • Hot air balloon. The package normally includes the champagne buffet breakfast in the vineyard after the ride. If you are wine lovers, you can still taste the wine there and grab some if you like it!

Before we flew to the sky.


The hot air balloon is almost done to ride us to the sky!


The following photos are the wonderful view up in the sky.

dsc09494 dsc09503 dsc09509 dsc09534

When we were about to land down.


The view is really breathtaking up there! Once again I was amazed by the beauty of the nature in Australia again from the hot air balloon ride!

  • Cleveland Point Lighthouse. It is located on the north-eastern tip of Cleveland Point, at Cleveland, a suburb approximately 25 kilometres east-south-east of Brisbane. Basically what we did on that day were just taking photos with the lighthouse, enjoy the sea breeze and had lunch and ice cream at the restaurant nearby.

The following photos are lighthouse and me.




The only place that you can find food at that area.


The ice cream is so yum! Feel like savouring it again!


There is also a playground! Kids can occupy themselves there!


  • Tangalooma island resort is located at Moreton island. It is only a 75-minute catamaran cruise from Brisbane. There are many activities you can do there so it is a place which suitable for the family.

One of the highlight activity there is definitely dolphin feeding in every evening. You will have a chance to hand feed the wild dolphins there! I had an interesting dolphin feeding experience since then!


People were having fun with ATV quad bike tour on the beach.


I should give kayaking a try next time!


Strolling on the beach is definitely a good idea! The sand is so soft and clean. You have to experience it yourself!


You will see starfish everywhere along the way. No matter alive or dead starfish.


Don’t miss the chance to take photo with the famous shipwrecks there!


There was bonfire after dinner time. Interesting experience for me as well!


  • Maleny is a small scenic town which located 90 kilometres north of Brisbane on the Blackall Range overlooking the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland.

It is like a wonderland to me!


What’s make the goat so excited and wanted to jump off the fence?

dsc09693Some miniatures on the ground.


Seems like is a must to take a photo with the big chair!


After visiting Maleny botanic gardens and bird world, we headed to a hiking place. There is a lookout point along the way.


The beautiful lake view from the lookout point after the hiking trail.


Along the way of hiking trail. It is pretty fun to hike as a group!dsc09742

Missing the serenity there!


Before heading back home, we visited a small town, Montville. This shop is pretty interesting.


Pretty Chapel Lane at Montville.


  • North Stradbroke Island is an island that lies within Moreton Bay in the Australian state of Queensland, 30 kilometres southeast of the capital Brisbane.


If you are lucky enough, you can actually see dolphins jumping in the ocean! We were the lucky one on that day.


Missing the view! I will visit there again!


Stepping out then only know that there are so many beautiful places surrounding Brisbane!

Dust – QUT Fashion Graduate Show

Last week I was very honoured to get invited to the QUT Fashion Graduate Show. This runway show was titled Dust and showcased the design from 19 QUT Fashion graduate students.

Before the offical start of the showcase, there was a half-hour networking session to meet the designers and talk to other audience members with a drink. I was very glad to meet another Creative Industry ambassador Ashley from U.S.A and talked to Ben Bawden who is the International and Development manager from QUT Creative Industries Faculty about the preparation of this show. It turned out quite a few agents from overseas happened to be at QUT that day and they were invited to this showcase as well.

The Graduate Show started at 8:00pm sharp. When I walked in the runway room, I could see everyone was really excited for the show.


The Runway

The Runway


With the progression of the showcase, you can see the different style and theme brought forward by different designers. Each designer’s personal character was also combined into their masterpiece.

dsc00482 dsc00480







You can see from the above two pictures that this designer combined her work with Hobbit elements and the models she used are not the traditionally super ‘slim and tall’ type. This ‘rebellious, comic and natural’ style makes me feel very refreshing and links closely to this year’s theme: DUST.

International and Development manager from QUT Creative Industries Faculty Ben Bawden also commented on this, saying “this fashion show embraces variety and you can see not all the models are slim.”








Another collection that surprised me is the work piece by designer Ashley Donald. This collection is fully children’s ware focused on sustainability. The way those young models showing the clothing is also very heart-warming. When the first model came back to the backstage and the second model started walking, they greeted each other in the middle of the stage doing this circular motion together. To me, it looks like two friends having a little chat and complimenting each other purely by gestures.


Man's ware






An hour went by very quick without evening noticing that the show was about to end. All the designers were invited on the stage and a large round of applause was given to them by all the audience for their hard work.

Another highlight to end this show was the award ceremony. As QUT has a very strong link with the industry, quite a few sponsors attended this showcase and brought to the students some awards. QUT Deputy Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Suzi Derbyshire was also one of the sponsors and she thanked all the fashion graduates and supportive staff for their diligence in putting this amazing show together.

All the designers

All the designers











Prof Suzi Derbyshire announcing her award

Professor Suzi Derbyshire announcing her award

Designers shouting out to supportive CI staffs

Designers shouting out to supportive CI staff











My friend Ashley said to me: “I feel like a judge in Project Runway” when watching this show. I agree to that. However, it will be very very hard to pick out the best because everyone put in so much effort to their design and everyone’s design is very unique with his or her own style.

As the only faculty that offers Fashion Design major in Queensland, I’m very proud of my university and I’m sure the showcase next year will be another blast!


4 hours in Adelaide

4 hours in Adelaide? You must be wondering why did I only stay for such a short time in Adelaide!

Actually I originally planned for a one day trip to Adelaide as I need to go there to apply for a Schengen visa. But unfortunately I missed my flight because I couldn’t print my boarding pass in time. It was a tough time at the airport as I stayed there to wait for the earliest flight in the morning the next day.

Anyway, put the  bad luck aside, I still enjoyed the 4 hours I had at Adelaide a lot. The following are some differences I noticed between Adelaide and Brisbane:

  • The concession bus fare from Adelaide airport to city was only $1.30. I was a bit surprised because compare with the $20 train fare from Brisbane city to airport, this is a lot cheaper
  • The road in Adelaide city is wider. The moment I arrived at the city, I can feel it is much wider and open compared with Brisbane

    Adelaide city

    Adelaide city

  • Bus station board is also different
    Bus station board in Adelaide city

    Bus station board in Adelaide city

    I really hope I could’ve stay there longer and explore more about this city. However, I still had 3 exams to attend at that time, so I flew back in the afternoon on the same day. But it was fun to notice some differences between these two cities. I will go back there again one day and learn more about Adelaide!



    Bye Adelaide, I’ll be back!

First Time Attending Business Ball

The semester is about to end and a lot of clubs will host their end-of-semester party/ball around this time. Today I’m going to share with you my first time ball experience here at QUT.

  • Tickets

The ticket price of balls hosted by university clubs ranges from $70 to $200. It is usually a bit expensive for us as university students to attend a ball. But on a second thought, the reason why it’s a bit expensive makes sense if you think about the money the clubs spend on venue hire, inviting DJ, sorting out food, drinks and photographer.

  •   Dress

The dressing code of balls varies differently. The usual dressing codes are: Black tie, cocktail and festive. This year, the dressing code of the business ball was black tie. To be safe, I picked a black long dress.

  • How did I feel?

To be honest, I was a bit nervous when arriving the venue because this was my very first time dressing so formally and attending a ball in Australia. Luckily my friend Kim came with me and she introduced me to her friends.

We first had a three-course meal, after that more and more people went to the dance floor, flowing with the music. I really like the DJ on the day and the music he picked. The vibe and environment of the ball was super great!

Some people chose to stay outside the venue where it was more quiet and had a good chat with their friends. Other, went to the photo booth and got their pictures taken.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for me and I highly recommend you to attend at least one ball if you haven’t done so. You will meet with new friends and definitely feel good dressing up and taking some great photos.

  • Photos
All girls team!

All girls team!


Chilling outside the venue. Some Selfie fun.


Some fun pictures!

De-stress with Puppies and Pancakes!

During the exam period, QUT helps to make studying better with Puppies and Pancakes to help student combat the exam stress.


Pancakes were served during that day. Ice creams were given out as well which is perfect as it was scorching hot. Students could help themselves with some drinks and coffee too! These are perfect for students who are taking a break from studying. Tips on how to de-stress during exam period: Go outside for fresh air and desserts!



Ping pong table, balls pit and massage service were available as well on that day! Another tip to handle stress: Exercise and it will help to clear your mind. It would help in greater focus and concentration!


And this is the best part of the day!!! You could actually pat these animals!!! These are the most wonderful way to relieve stress. They help to take our minds of our studies for a while.


Sail away

Planning a wonderful trip is the motivation for study during the hectic period of semester.

A girl friend and I booked the flight ticket to Whitsundays and also the sailing trip when we were suffocated by the various exams and assignments. We wanted to sail away after the semester is over!

Whitsundays lies between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited. They’re characterized by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches. The town of Airlie Beach on the mainland is the region’s central hub.


Personally I think that Brisbane locates at an excellent location so it is good in term of budget while planning the trip to some bucket-list destinations in Australia. The flight from Brisbane to Whitsundays is about two hours. The return flight ticket of budget airline normally costs around $200. If you catch the promotion, the price can be much lower than $200.

Kickstart our very first sailing trip at Whitsundays!


You will have a chance to try to sail the boat with the captain if you are keen!


Sitting at the deck to enjoy the sea wind while the boat started to sail. How chillax is it!


On the first day of our sailing trip, the captain sailed us to the middle of the sea and we stayed overnight in the boat. I was like sleeping in a rocking bed. Remember to bring the sea sickness medication with you if you are worried!

Whitehaven beach is a pristine, award winning beach on Whitsunday island. We are lucky to be the first boat to arrive Whitehaven beach on that morning.

The view of Whitehaven beach from the lookout point at around 7am.



After we enjoyed the breathtaking view from the lookout point, we walked down to the beach to take plenty of photos of us with the view haha! (no colour adjustment or filtering effect at all!)





dscf7342-1 dscf7531

The captain told us the view from the lookout point is very different between 7am and 9am so we walked to the lookout point again before leaving. The view of Whitehaven beach at around 9am.


We had the dinner on the deck and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.


I woke up early morning and stayed on the deck to enjoy this wonderful view.


Chilling on the deck to enjoy the last bit of the sailing trip.



Feeling recharged after this amazing getaway experience! Study hard play hard!

Japan or Australia? Brisbane Botanic Gardens Trip!

img_0325I am sure that almost every QUT student knows there is a City Botanic Gardens next to the Gardens Point campus. You can enjoy the river view and the amazing atmosphere or have a wonderful picnic time at that park. However, did you know there is another botanic gardens near Brisbane city where you can also experience natural environment and release your all pressure!

img_0271 img_0295

The name of attraction is “Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha” located on Mt Coot-tha Road in Toowong which is so closed to the city that you can even take the bus there. It is recognized as the premier subtropical botanic gardens of Queensland and includes several distinct gardens that display different thematic and geographical arrangements.

img_0288 img_0356

It is bigger than your expectation!

56 hectare Brisbane Botanic Gardens was established in 1970 and now are opened every day. Me and my friends spent more than half a day and still couldn’t see all of the gardens. It is a great attraction for people to stay quietly and relax for whole afternoon. Also, just like other national parks such as Springbrook National Park, D’Aguilar National Park, and Kondalilla National Park, the best thing is that the gardens are all free.

Wait! Am I in Japan?

When I first time came to “Japanese Garden” of this park, I just couldn’t believe I am still in Australia. This garden was designed by Japanese leading landscape architect and the theme of Japanese Garden is “tsuki-yama-chisen” which means “mountain-pond-stream” and stone, water, paths and vegetation are four key elements to build this style of architecture.

img_0331 img_0326

img_0268The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium  

This is Queensland’s first planetarium and also located in Brisbane’s Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. It is home of the Cosmic Skydome, a 12.5-metre-diameter projection dome. Students or the public both can come here to understand lots of secret of universe and see numerous beautiful pictures or projections of outer space. If you are a big fan of universal or astronomical things, you will absolutely not want to miss this place!

img_0367 img_0366

img_0384JC Slaughter Falls

Finally, we decided to go hiking to the nearby area to see “JC Slaughter Falls”. It is not a really high water falls in Queensland, but you can still see a gorgeous view of this very natural water falls. Some Australian family also like to come here for picnic or BBQ. It is so convenient for not only individuals but also groups to travel or enjoy holidays!


Photo from Tourism and Events Queensland

If you also have any experience about Brisbane Botanic Gardens or other things that you want to share, please feel free to leave your comment below and don’t forget to follow this QUT blog continuously! 🙂

Navigate – launch your global career

NAVIGATE is a free one-day conference that centres around global employability. It is hosted by QUT Student Support Services to help domestic and international students understand how they can build their career to compete on the international stage. It features an array of keynote speakers talking about their global experiences, a panel, breakout sessions and more!


Every attendee received a file with the rundown inside, a name tag and notebook before the conference started.


Panel session of the day formed by Lindsey Sun (Managing Director at Meow Media), Mike Moen (Global Director of Enrolments for CRCC Asia) and Alex Snow (Project Manager at the Foundation for Young Australians).


One of the breakout session: Building your social capital by Lisa Lee (Director – Mergers & Equisitions at EY)


Food is catered for the attendees too! How good is it!


QUT student, Bianca Banchetti (Creative Industries & Law Faculty) shared her global experience with the fellows.


Insightful speech by one of the keynote speaker, Professor Suzi Derbyshire (QUT Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)).


Refreshments were provided during networking session. You can also take photo at the photo stop with the props prepared by the team!


I am glad that I attended QUT Global Employability Conference 2016 because I totally enjoyed myself during the day and received a lot of useful information from the conference. On top of that, I got my Linkedin profile photo taken by a professional photographer! I would definitely attend it again next year if there is a chance!



Find out Yi Fen’s exchange experience


Hi guys. This is Yi Fen from Malaysia. She is one of the friends that I met here and gotten close with. She is from University Tengku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia and spent a semester here in Queensland University Technology for exchange. Recently, I managed to have a talk with her about her exchange experience here.

Q: Why did you choose Queensland University Technology for your exchange?

A: It was part of the options to choose from and Brisbane has nice weather. They also had an education program which is what I major in.

Q: What were the differences between the education system here and back in Malaysia?

A: The education system here is different as compared to back home. over here in QUT, students just go to class that they are enrolled for, whereas back home you go to class with your intake so the people in class are almost always the same. Therefore, over here, I am able to meet with different students from different intake and even from another faculty.


Q: What did you learn from this exchange?

A: I learnt a lot about time management in order to plan my journey using public transport. I learnt to be more open while speaking to strangers because the people here are friendly and always engaging in conversations.


Q: How were the friends you met throughout this exchange?

A: They came from many different parts of the world with their own experiences to share. Most of them were very adventurous, wanting to explore Brisbane as much as I did. We went star gazing, Ekka, climbed up a tree house for the first time, experienced Riverfire, went fishing for the first time and visited the Parliament.


QUT Open Day

I happened to be at the campus during QUT Open Day and took some photos to share with you guys what was happening on the day!

As an international student, I don’t have a chance to attend Open Day before enrolling in QUT. Open day is always the best chance to chat with staff and students from all faculties and study areas, go to course information seminars and check out the facilities in the school! And also you can find out about courses offered at all of the campuses!


Do take a bag with you from the information booth at the entrance before starting your exploration at QUT! There are handy information sheets for you so you won’t miss the seminar you are interested or get lost in the campus!


Each faculty has the own booth. Simply approach the friendly staffs or volunteers to get the information you want! You can have many queries solved after approaching them!

DSC02524 DSC02525DSC02544 DSC02538 DSC02541 DSC02542

When you are feeling tired, there are also some bean bags for you to rest and enjoy the good weather at Brisbane!


Other than the course information, you can also receive the information about scholarships, accommodation, transports, careers and employment, student support services etc.DSC02528 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02531 DSC02532

Except of valuable information, there are still free fairy floss, popcorn, goodies for you!

DSC02546 DSC02550

You can also join the campus tour if you are keen!


If you happen to travel to Brisbane around this timing and would like to explore what QUT can offer you, don’t miss the chance to plan your visit on QUT Open Day!


(*No fret even though you cannot make your way to attend it! I believe you can still get the information you need through internet.)