Have fun at Gold Coast theme parks!

Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. It is known for its beaches, surfing, theme parks and breathtaking scenery. It is easily accessible from Brisbane to Gold Coast just simply through a direct train ride. The journey may take roughly 2 hours to travel, depending on your starting point at Brisbane and the end point at Gold Coast. Therefore, Gold Coast is a good place to go for day trip on the weekends when you feel like giving yourself a break from the heaps of assignments during the semester.

If you are frequent theme parks goer and fun loving person, I think VIP magic pass for Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country is a very good deal for you. You can go unlimited times within the year to get unlimited fun. I fully used the VIP magic pass I bought from Groupon last year and got the unlimited fun from the three theme parks and Paradise Country.

Wet’n’Wild is a water theme park as what is named and I did get tons of fun as what is promised to be the Biggest’n’Best.


The wavepool is really fun! You must try it when you go there!


Good place in front of the wavepool to chill and laze for the day. If you go during summer, there are very hot spots. I think you have to be the first few in the queue before the park opens then you will only grab one of the seats. The photo was taken on one of the morning during winter, that’s why the seats were vacant!


Both father and son have fun at Wet’n’Wild.


The following few photos are some of the exciting rides at Wet’n’Wild.

DSC00756 DSC00757 DSC00766 DSC00775

Warner Bros. Movie World is a popular movie world related theme park. It is Hollywood on the Gold Coast!


One of the exciting rides at Warner Bros. Movie World.


You also can take photo with these movie characters like the cute kids by professional photographer.


This brings back my childhood memory at fun fair back to my country.


One of the highlight shows which you shouldn’t miss at Warner Bros. Movie World.

DSC01040 copy

Lucky people grabbed the chance to take photo with the movie character on the street!


I was also one of the lucky people to manage to get a selfie with the favourite movie characters too!


The following one is my most favourite part of Warner Bros. Movie World. If you like to see the parade by movie characters too, you must not leave there earlier than the parade! The parade normally happens at 3.30pm, grab a good seat for good picture before the show starts.


I also went to Movie World Fright nights. However it is not included inside the VIP magic pass. I would recommend you to go if you enjoy watching horror movies. Even though you are not, it is also pretty fun to go with a group of friends!


They do not only walk on the street to scare you. You can always block them to take a cool photo too!

DSC07511 copy

Sea World is a marine mammal park, oceanarium and theme park at Gold Coast.

The penguins are just too adorable!


One of the highlight shows ‘Fish Detectives’ which you should not miss!


Another highlight show Affinity-Dolphin show! I am amazed by the performance. I believe you will be too!


Shark and many other sea creatures can be seen at the oceanarium at Sea World.


Beautiful sunset view at Sea World taken from the cable car.


Paradise Country is an Aussie farm which can give you a taste of the life on a farm. If you adore animals, Paradise Country is strongly recommended because you can get very close to the animals there and even take a selfie with them!

If you take public transport to there, you will have to walk a long gravel path after you alight from the bus. It is probably around 20 minutes to walk there. There are animals along the side of the road so you don’t feel too boring along the way, especially if the weather is just comfortable. However I will advice you to think twice to walk there if you go there during summer.

These are the sheep I saw at the side of the road while walking from the bus station to Paradise Country.


Entrance of Paradise Country.


The highlight show ‘Sheep Shearing & Ram Parade’! It is an interesting show!


I didn’t take a ride on this but I believe you can buy the ticket to take the ride and tour the farm.


You can also feed the kangaroo! However you can still stay very close with the kangaroo even though without food haha!


You can spot koala there! You are able to cuddle the koala and take a photo by the photographer there if you are keen!


This is how close you can stay with the animals there!


Some tips for you before heading there:

  • Avoid going there during Australia school (primary and secondary school) holidays if you can because you will end up spending a lot of time in queuing
  • Warner Bros. Movie World, Paradise Country and Wet ‘n’ Wild are located near to each other, basically you can walk from one to the another one. It is pretty comfy to walk during winter but I advise you to think twice whether you shall walk or not if you are going during summer
  • If you are on budget, pack your own lunch and snacks to there. Bring enough water too! A bottle of mineral water there can cost you AUD$4.50, a bottle of soft drink can cost you AUD$5.50!
  • Not all the rides that definitely require you to buy a locker to put your belongings before taking the rides. For example, you can actually carry your bags to queue for Green Lantern and Batman rides at Warner Bros. Movie World and then put your bags beside the rides when it is your turn so you can save up tiny bits of money!
  • If you plan to take all the rides and watch all the shows, it is better for you to reach before the entrance opens
  • For Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights, I think it is not possible to take all the rides and go into all the haunted houses if you never buy the express pass. Hence think about how much do you want to play before purchasing the ticket.

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