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Multicultural BBQ and South Bank travel guide!

How can you miss this amazing place
when you study at QUT?

“South Bank Parklands” locates in Brisbane city and it is the best area of Brisbane city for me and it was on the transformed site of Brisbane’s World Expo 88 that was officially opened to the public on 20 June 1992. Besides many recreation functions which may satisfy every generation, the biggest advantage of this park is that everything is FREE!

There are two special attractions of this park, including “The Arbour” which consists of 443 curling steel columns covered in bouganvilleas which flower throughout the year and “Streets Beach”, the man-made beach, which is 2,000 square metres of free-formed concrete surrounded by 4,000 cubic metres of sand. It is so relaxing that you can see many people here to swim, walk, ride bicycles, BBQ, picnic and enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful river, and city view here every day!

20160306_13594020160306_140638_Richtone(HDR) Moreover, according to the report of Brisbane Government, there are more than 11,000,000 tourists traveling to this park every year! In brief, it is definitely a popular spot where you have to visit when you are in Brisbane!

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20151120_204646The Wheel of Brisbane

It may not be really outstanding if you compare the height of the wheel with others in different countries. However, it may be one of the wheel where you can see the most beautiful view because it locates at the perfect spot which faces Brisbane city and river.

The Wheel of Brisbane is a super big landmark of Brisbane, therefore, there are many events held near this area. If you want to know more details, this article would be your good choice: click here


Follow the content mentioned above, South Bank Parklands was the transformed site of Brisbane’s World Expo 88. “Nepalese Pagoda” was one of the displayed cultural buildings on that time. Moreover, it is the only international exhibit remaining on the site and also one of only three Nepalese peace pagodas in the world to be located outside of Nepal!

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

If you come to Brisbane and want to experience local or international performing arts, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) would be your good choice. There are many popular and famous performances held inside frequently and QPAC just locates closely to The Wheel of Brisbane. It is also an excellent opportunity to be familiar with Australian culture and communicate with native people because watching these shows is a popular recreation activity for Australians.

20160620_152829_Richtone(HDR)Queensland Maritime Museum

If you are a big fan of maritime-related histories or relics, this “Queensland Maritime Museum” built in 1971 which treasures lots of maritime art works, books, documents, photos, videos would capture your eyes. Besides it, you can also see the 100% real ships are docked at the port of this museum. The location of Queensland Maritime Museum is at the southern area of South Bank Parklands, so it is so convenient to visit here when you travel to this wonderful park!

20160417_174926When I first time came to Australia, I was so curious about these “public BBQ facilities” which are free and clean and people don’t have to apply for using them because it is difficult to see these kind of facilities in my country, Taiwan, or even Asia. BBQ is really a part of Australian’s lives! This day, I invited some friends from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong to have a BBQ at South Bank Parklands. It is so awesome that you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and view with BBQ at the same time!

By the way, can you recognize where are we from respectively? lol
(A: 4 Japanese, 2 Taiwanese, & 2 Hong Kong friends)

20160306_140404_Richtone(HDR)If you would like to read more details or acquire more information about South Bank, my blog article may be a good choice for you: click here

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