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Public transport in Brisbane

Personally, I think Brisbane has the top-notch public transport system. The public transport in Brisbane are coordinated by TransLink which is a division of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Generally, public transport includes buses, trains, and ferries. To be the commuter, you have to purchase a GO card beforehand either online or from the selected locations, otherwise you can buy the single trip ticket from the driver but it will be more expensive than using a GO card.

Students are allowed to apply for the tertiary concession fares. More info can be obtained from: http://

Photo: TransLink Student Concession GO card. However you can no longer buy this card now, the GO card you buy will be the normal adult card.

When I am at Brisbane, I can plan my trip nicely without wasting too much time waiting because the public transport is scheduled properly by TransLink. If you have never been to the place that you want to go, you can just type in your start point, end point and the travel day and time into TransLink website and the information about different types of routes, including the type of public transport you should take as well as the timings will be at your finger tips.

The public transport I always use is the bus. One thing I noticed in Brisbane is bus drivers say hello to the commuters while they board the bus and the commuters also say thank you to the drivers when they depart from the bus. Although this is just a very small thing, however it always make me feel warm and friendly. There is also free city bus loop service at designated stations.

DSC01219 copy
Photo: TransLink bus and King George Square Station (bus) at the city.
Photo: The Loop Free Service at Brisbane city and the bus station (other public bus stations are blue colour, only this one is red colour)

The other public transport I use quite frequently is the train. The trains have designated quiet carriages. I think it is really good for those who just want to take a rest during the train ride. An interesting thing to mention is the train doors are not automatically opening so do press the button beside the door to open it yourself.  I remember there was one time I forgot about this and stood there wondering what’s wrong with the door ahahaha!

Photo: Queensland Rail at Brisbane.

Brisbane River is the longest river in the south east region of Queensland and it flows through the city of Brisbane before emptying into Moreton Bay. Every day there are ferries travelling on the river to fetch the commuters from the ferry terminal locations. Basically there are two types of ferries: CityCat and CityHopper. The main difference between CityCat and CityHopper is CityHopper is a free transport service while CityCat is fare chargeable. To use CityCat, you can just tap your GO card and hop on, as simple as how you use the bus and train services. Besides, CityHopper doesn’t travel to every ferry terminal and the frequency is also less compared to CityCat.

Photo: CityCat with the view of Brisbane landmark, Story Bridge.

To me, CityCycle is a modern type of public transport. It is just quick and easy to use CityCycle, what you need to do is just subscribe online with a credit or debit card. There are different types of subscription options to suit your need. If you are keen to understand more about CityCycle, here is the link for you:

Photo: CityCycle with Brisbane city view.
Photo: CityCycle with Brisbane River view.

There are some tips to save on the public transport fares to share:

  • Avoid peak times to take the public transport because off-peak fares are 20% cheaper than the peak fares
  • If you are plan to travel to somewhere far away such as Gold Coast during the weekends, try to accumulate your eight paid journeys during the weekdays so then you can enjoy 50% off subsequent journeys per week
  • Fully use the free transport services as mentioned above
  • Walk to your destination if it is in the walking distance. Walking is good for your body you know right ahaha!
  • QUT provides a free shuttle bus service between Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campus for students.
Photo: QUT shuttle bus 391.

Now you know how to cut your commute expenses from the very beginning of your study journey at Brisbane! 🙂

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