Hello, Brisbane & QUT!

Hi there, I am Hao from Taiwan and first I would like to thank that QUT gives me this chance to join this fantastic blogger team!

Jacaranda at New farm Park

Jacaranda at New farm Park

When Jacaranda was in blossom last year, I came to Australia for my master degree. It was also my first time here and there were many interesting questions that my friends and family in my country asked me. The most impressive one is

“Do you see kangaroos or koalas on the streets?” (lol)

Fortunately, I came here and studied in EAP course before postgraduate courses. QUT organised wonderful orientation events for international students to experience Australia various features. I really saw kangaroos and koalas in one of events at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the biggest zoo in Brisbane, but not on the streets. Haha

My first time to touch kangaroos

My first time to touch kangaroos

Moreover, I also enhanced my English a lot in EAP course and met many friends from all around the world. There are thousands of international students studying at QUT and this is why I really enjoy this learning environment and choose this university.

When I feel confused, QUT is always on my side!

After I finished my EAP course, I got lots of useful and practical information which is relevant to common or studying life and joined many fresh activities to build amazing social networks during the orientation week of new semester. These arrangements relieved my pressure before postgraduate courses  and I could focus on my postgraduate life step by step without any worry.

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Finally, thanks QUT again and if you want to read more detail stories or information about QUT, EAP course, or orientation week, you can come to my blog and read this article: http://hsiahaoen.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/brisbanestudythe-introduction-of-qut.html

Also, please feel free to leave your comments below or follow this blog continuously! 🙂

New Farm Park Panorama in Jacaranda season

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    I really wish to see u there,

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      hakizimana issa

      hello I am happy for u

    • avatar

      Thanks for your comment, I hope to meet you at QUT, too! 🙂

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    Frimpong Nelson Boah

    I am filled with so much joy. studying in Australia is my greatest dream and with this experiences you have really boosted my liking to study in Australia. I hope to seeing you one day.

    • avatar

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Studying in Australia is also the best memory in my life! I also hope to see you one day!:)

  3. avatar

    yah.. I must Try to my best

    • avatar

      Thanks for your comment, I believe you can do it!:)

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    how can i get addmision there ? i am from pakistan.

  5. avatar

    I am happy for you

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      Thank you so much! ^_^

  6. avatar

    I dream to meet you there really so i hope.

    • avatar

      Thanks for your comment and I hope we can meet each other one day as well ^_^

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    Hi, am Emmanuela from Nigeria, i want to study fashion at QUT but i can’t afford it and my mum can not pay for it too so i really need a scolarship, and í need help and assistance. I am very hardworking so i can work to pay back a loan if given too.. please help

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    Can i do my PhD in this university for year of 2017,and also there is possibility to get scholarship.

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    Hi Hao,
    do u have wechat?
    I have a few things to clarify with you

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    Egide Nduwamungu

    hi l’m happy now

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    Kelvin Ian Kibet

    Wow. Must have been a wonderful experience. I hope to see a kangaroo in person one day. Haha.
    QUT is awesome.

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    Im really interested in this opportunity i and hope that I’ll make it and maybe next year this time I will be there with you

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    Bo Liang

    Hi Hao, i am a Chinese undergraduate and wanna apply for postgraduate courses of creative advertising, but i need to take gc courses first. i wanna know whether it is hard to pass gc course exams, and if i should fail, is there a chance to take makeup exams or retake the courses before studying the official master courses.

    • avatar

      Hi, Bo,
      I actually have only studied in EAP course but not GC course. However, based on my friends’ experiences, they said you can still have a make-up exam or study the course again after you are failed. Moreover, they also mentioned that if you follow tutor’s suggestions and study hard, it’s not really difficult for you to pass it. Good luck! 🙂

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