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Did you hear we now have nine International Digital Ambassadors?

One of our blogging superstars, Myn, reflects on one year living in Brisbane

One year in Brisbane

Looking for a place to live?

Iglu student accommodation have just opened up on Mary St in the city. Convenient much?

Are you a social or solitary gamer?

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find this QUT research interesting. Three QUT researchers have investigated the effects of video games on the social experience, social capital, and wellbeing… how does gaming affect you?

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Improve your English language skills (hooray!)

The team at Insider Guides recently shared this great article to help improve your English language skills.

Put on those dancing shoes

Our friend Prince Long Lo, is a current QUT international student and President of the QUT Dance Society. The dance group welcomes all QUT students, staff, alumni, and friends with a passion for dance. It doesn’t matter if you have danced before or not, it’s just about meeting new people and having fun. Interested?

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QUT International Course Guides now available!

Our latest QUT International Course Guides are now available. Thinking about studying a course at QUT? Want to find out more about international student services? The guides are there to help you answer these questions and more.

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A taste of Italy

Brisbane hosts a variety of wonderful food and cultural events. Many of these are free! One of these is the Italian Food and Wine Festival at New Farm Park. They are a great place to meet up with friends or a good excuse to take a break from studying.

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Exam and assessments period

This is how some students get through their reports and studies: good food, good company, energy drinks and good spots!
If you have group meeting it is always good to be prepared, such as booking the rooms in the library on QUT blackboard, so you do not waste too much time looking for a spot.
Once you have done that, you better check the coffee shops’ schedule to be ready for the coffee rush, always needed when you have to be on campus on the weekend, my personal favorite spots are: first of all the Raw Express, wonderful coffee, wonderful staff and affordable prices. And my second one, the Pantry, only if I am lazy to walk 5 more seconds to the Raw express, but that barely happens!!
When the library is closed because it is the weekend and it is late at night, in marketing and advertising, we like to have a glass of wine called “the creative juice” if we have to go through the assessment during the weekend, never lose your mind just open it up.
Let’s get through Saturday with the combination of two delicacies: wine and pizza while the valley life is bouncing already from the window! A good incentive to work faster so then we might be able to go out for a drink!!! Who knows…
Week 12, nearly over!!! We can do it because we are amazing students from the best business school, QUT!

Hello, Brisbane & QUT!

Hi there, I am Hao from Taiwan and first I would like to thank that QUT gives me this chance to join this fantastic blogger team!

Jacaranda at New farm Park

Jacaranda at New farm Park

When Jacaranda was in blossom last year, I came to Australia for my master degree. It was also my first time here and there were many interesting questions that my friends and family in my country asked me. The most impressive one is

“Do you see kangaroos or koalas on the streets?” (lol)

Fortunately, I came here and studied in EAP course before postgraduate courses. QUT organised wonderful orientation events for international students to experience Australia various features. I really saw kangaroos and koalas in one of events at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the biggest zoo in Brisbane, but not on the streets. Haha

My first time to touch kangaroos

My first time to touch kangaroos

Moreover, I also enhanced my English a lot in EAP course and met many friends from all around the world. There are thousands of international students studying at QUT and this is why I really enjoy this learning environment and choose this university.

When I feel confused, QUT is always on my side!

After I finished my EAP course, I got lots of useful and practical information which is relevant to common or studying life and joined many fresh activities to build amazing social networks during the orientation week of new semester. These arrangements relieved my pressure before postgraduate courses  and I could focus on my postgraduate life step by step without any worry.

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Orientation week at Kelvin Grove Campus

Finally, thanks QUT again and if you want to read more detail stories or information about QUT, EAP course, or orientation week, you can come to my blog and read this article:

Also, please feel free to leave your comments below or follow this blog continuously! 🙂

New Farm Park Panorama in Jacaranda season

International student interview: Andy Loke


AndyImage: QUT International student, Andy Loke

Where are you from?

  • Singapore

How long have you been in Brisbane?

  • Since February 2016

What course are you studying?

  • Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

How do you find being a part of QUT?

  • I enjoy the campus life here and also expose myself to different learning experience compared to Singapore

What do you like to do during your leisure time?

  • I am passionate in portrait photography and I cycle around Brisbane to explore the city and the suburbs

What is your favorite quote?

  • “You have never really lived until you have found something to die for.”


One year in Brisbane

It has been almost a year since I got to Brisbane. Looking back at the past one year journey, I would call it one of the best year in my life. There are many things I have learnt and experienced over here.


Firstly, I’ve transformed from bad cook to Masterchef.  Back home meals are prepared by my mum. Living alone helps to improve my cooking skills. It helps to save up a lot when you cook at home instead of eating out! My cooking skills have improved greatly (thanks to YouTube cooking recipes).


Over the year, I am grateful that I’m able to discover the beauty of Australia. During the semester, ISS (International Student Services) will organise trips in Queensland. These trips are usually the best opportunity to visit amazing places at affordable price and at the same time, meeting new people. This picture is taken during a trip to Springbrook Fall. Can you spot the rainbow?


Building friendship with different people from all around the world makes my university life unforgettable.They are the people that make my university life fun as we spend time together exploring good food in Brisbane. It’s important to have friends that you can count on and got your back, especially when you are alone and away from family.

I’m excited for the rest of the semester for more exciting adventures that are yet to come. 🙂



Queensland Experience: CONTEST

Best Semester Abroad 2016 competition was launched on 29 April 2016 at QUT Gardens Point.

If you are from Mexico, Chile, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines Thailand, Italy or Spain and over 18 years old you might be interested in this information.
20 people from 10 countries (2 of each country) will be selected to study in Australia for 5 months either in Brisbane, Cairns or the Gold Coast, YOU CHOOSE! Including flights, accommodation, tuition and holidays experiences.
On the top of that 5 of the 20 winners will win $30,000 AUD towards a university degree in Queensland.
This competition is conducted by the State of Queensland and the Study Queensland brand which is managed by the International Education and Training Unit (IETU). This project aims to give 20 international students a chance to live, enjoy and study in Queensland for one semester to boost the state’s profile of a world-class education.
The prize is sponsored by the Queensland Government and other 26 sponsors including QUT, OF COURSE!
How to participate?
CREATE YOUR PROFILE – Selecting which Institution you would want to study at
MAKE A VIDEO- explaining why Queensland is your next step.

How to win?
Prepared to be INTERVIEWED by the judging panel
The competition close at 11:59 pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 (Australian Eastern Time) HURRY UP!!!
For more information about eligibility and how to participate visit:



QUT Classic and scenic routes

Nearly a month ago, I saw the posting for QUT Classic Volunteer recruitment, and I thought to myself, “Why not?”. Thus, I found myself waking up at 5 am on a cold, wintery Sunday morning and trudging down 2km from my share-house to Kangaroo Point Cliffs where I was stationed as a course marshal for the 10km run. Believe me when I say it’s in your best interest to wear mittens if you decide to walk out in the ungodly hours of a winter daybreak – my fingers were numb 10 minutes after I stepped out of my house.

After signing in, my fellow volunteer, Eloise, and I waited for the thundering feet of our dedicated 10km runners (You’ve GOT to be dedicated and fit to run a 10km, let’s be honest), while doing a little jumpy-dance routine to keep ourselves warm, the cold making me question my decision to sign up for this.

Just 10 minutes after the race had begun, we spotted our first runners. Their energy was infectious! Cheering them on while ensuring they were on the right course, the chill of the winter morning paled in comparison to their stamina and enthusiasm. The runners seemed to spread an aura of their strength and intensity as they passed by us and in no time we were just as pumped as they were.

After we made sure the last runner had passed our 3km mark, and signing out, Eloise and I made our way down to the Thornton Street Ferry Terminal to try and get to Eagle street pier, so that we could get to Gardens Point. The walk down to the ferry terminal from the Kangaroo Point Bikeway, was by far, one of the most breath-taking views I had ever seen. Trees lines both sides of the walkway, with one side being against the sheer face of the cliffs and the other side overlooking the river, and there was barely anyone besides Eloise and me at that time of the day. It was so peaceful and quiet and calming.

The view from the ferry could rival that, with it’s grey skyscrapers against the blue backdrop of the sky, across the shimmering expanse of the river.

By half past nine in the morning I had already resolved to apply as a volunteer for next year’s Classic… because who wouldn’t for those views and that energy? See you next year, QUT Classic.


Image: Eloise and I enjoying the Brisbane city views

Catching up with other international students



Image: QUT International student, Farrah Nazirah Abd. Razak

Where are you from?

  • Brunei

How long have you been in Brisbane?

  • Since July 2015

What course are you studying?

  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Majoring in Information System

How do you find being a part of QUT?

  • Campus life at QUT gives me a lot of direction and infuses me with confidence

What do you like to do during your leisure time?

  • I enjoy travelling. I like to travel around Australia during the holidays to gain more exposure

What is your favorite quote?

  • “It’s all about coming back. It’s about finding yourself and coming back as a new person.”

My Brisbane

It has been 3 months since I first arrived in Brisbane, but sometimes it feels like that happened 2 weeks ago, and at other times, it could have just as easily happened a year ago. Time truly does fly.

I guess time would seem to crawl by, if you feel alienated, out of place or bored out of your mind. But none of that applies to me: I didn’t even feel the need to fit because I’m in a melting pot of a multitude of cultures – people from all over the world with their unique accents and cuisine simply just blend in together without effort. There is no adaptation, just accommodation. The hub of different people will make room for your little self and the little cultural baggage you bring with you – all you have to do is smile and say “Hey, how are you?”

If I had to identify two characteristics of Brisbane, I would say its numerous bridges over the Brisbane River, and it’s friendly people, so make sure you enjoy the view over some of those bridges!


Image: Brisbane River