One day hiking trip – Springbrook National Park

It was time to have a day break from the study again so we decided to go for hiking. (Some more September weather is just simply so perfect for outdoor activities if there is no rain :D)

Springbrook National Park is around 2 hours car drive from Brisbane city. The scenery is just simply breathtaking when you are up of the hill.


Do remember a pair of comfortable sport shoes is the prerequisite if you want to have an enjoyable hiking trip although the walk path is not that challenging.

And also if photography is your thing, don’t forget to carry the camera with you. There are many astonishing scenery worth pressing the shutter button.




It only took us around 1.5 to 2 hours to finish walking the whole trail.

It was just a wonderful day to stay so close to the nature with friends. Simply feel so recharged to face the challenges in the upcoming week. It is such a cheap activity for student like us, prepare your own lunch if you don’t want to spend money on food in cafe (you can’t find any groceries store when you are at there) Furthermore, scientific researches say that hiking is good for our health haha. So you have no excuse don’t go hiking right? 🙂