City Cycle Day

Feel like cycling around Brisbane but no bicycle. Fret not, CityCycle is here for you!

CityCycle bike hiring and returning is available 24 hours 7 days a week. It is located in close proximity to each other, every CityCycle station has a minimum of 10 bike racks making it an easy, reliable and convenient transport option. Once a CityCycle subscription is purchased, you can hire and return a bike at any CityCycle station within the network. Subscribers can ride all day for free, as long as the bikes are returned within half-hour intervals. After this half-hour of free use expires, a service charge applies. More info please visit



You have to insert some subscription data at the CityCycle element at the terminal before you start to hire the bicycle. Do remember to wear the helmet provided while cycling and cycle at the bikeway for your own safety reason.

DSC04956 DSC04990


Do plan your routes before you start cycling and bring the CityCyle map with you. If you just want to ride the bicycle for free, remember to set the timer as a reminder as well.

DSC05129 DSC05111


I find it is a good exercise and some more can enjoy the nice scenery along the way as well!



Why not giving it a try too?

Places for good city view lookout

Want to have a good lookout for Brisbane city? Here are 2 places to recommend to you.

1) Kangaroo Point Cliff

Kangaroo Point Cliff is located opposite to QUT Gardens Point. It is easily accessible by public transports. You can go there for jogging, bbq, rock climbing, cycling or just simply have a seat and enjoy the scenery there!





2) Mount Coot-tha lookout

Mount Coot-tha lookout is located not far away from Brisbane city. It only takes you around 30 minutes to go from city to there. Just a reminder for those who are going by bus that the bus running between city and Mount Coot-tha doesn’t operate during night hours so don’t plan to go for a night view lookout.




The day I went was quite gloomy. So do check the weather before you go if you expect to have nice photos with clear blue sky from there. And the another good thing is we can access free wifi to Brisbane council at there. If you are not on budget, there are restaurants and cafes there for you to have a good meal while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. If you are on budget like me, it also feels good to just pack your own lunch to there and enjoy the view.

After the scenery lookout at the peak, you can take bus down to the botanic gardens to stroll and laze.

Before strolling at the botanic gardens, you can visit The Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. It is pretty fascinating inside and the entrance is free. Hooray!


Rose lovers won’t feel like leaving there!


A good place to relax and clear your mind.


Japanese garden. You can enjoy the serenity there.