Brisbane Bus Life

Brisbane Bus LifeIt’s not like this is my first time using public transportation. But, this is my first time experiencing what I’ve seen in public transportation in Brisbane. People actually say ‘Thank you’ to the driver every time they get off from the bus. I know this is just a simple and small thing, but, for me this is what matter. It shows how people in Brisbane appreciate each other, show that they really care and being grateful. I’ve been living in Indonesia for my whole life and sometimes I travel to other country like China, Hongkong, and Singapore. Still not much, but this is what I found so different and special from Australia, especially Brisbane. It gives me warm feeling every time I see people saying ‘thank you’ to the driver, even though sometimes there are some people who don’t say it. You don’t have to save the world to show people that you care. Just by saying a simple ‘thank you’ you can make someone’s day!

So, have you say ‘thank you’ to your bus driver today? 🙂