An afternoon at QPAC.

Despite the fact that I’ve been in Brisbane for approximately more than 2 years, I have never had much of an impression towards the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).

The only times that I have been there? Probably my graduation ceremony for my undergraduate degree in 2013… but seriously, that’s about it.

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Discover Brisbane: CBD


Brisbane’s CBD, or more commonly known as the City, is located in the heart of Brisbane. It is also right next to QUT’s Gardens Point Campus, making it a favourite destination among students. What I love about the City is that there is always something new to do and discover. Here are a few¬†of my favourite things :

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Battle of the Campuses.

“Which is better? Gardens Point Campus or Kelvin Grove Campus?”

Every year, I would come across meeting freshman students, either asking me “what’s the difference between both Gardens Point (GP) Campus or Kelvin Grove (KG) Campus?” or “THERE’S ANOTHER CAMPUS?!?!”.

Let me break it down to you guys the difference between both and lets see which do you think is more awesome:

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