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Chillaxing Study Places.

indexNoisy Neighbors or house mates got you down? Have no fear!

There are tons of places that I personally like to study whenever it gets busy around your house. Here are a few places, where I thought I could share with you all, that you could go and work or study:

The great thing about Gardens Point is that there are so many places to study some of which I still haven’t covered yet! Some of the places include:

D Block, S Block, P Block and the Library.

*Tip: In P Block there is an upstairs quiet area with stairs that looks pretty cool & in the library you can book out a room for quiet study.

The many great places at Kelvin Grove as well. Some of the places include:

Z Block, P Block, In front of A Block and the Library.

*Tip: In the library you can book out a room for quiet study as well.

Surprising not a lot of students no this but, this library is another great place which I found to be quite a good place to study. Located at South bank in the Cultural Center area plus there is free wifi!
Held by the Brisbane City Council, another library located in the city. A great place if you want to be near the city.
*Tip: If can not make it to this library, find one near you here.
So here are some of my favorite places to go to if you need a break from your house.
Happy studying!
P.S: As always, have an awesome day!


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