Time for a few scares-Brisbane CBD ghost tour


Reference Link: http://www.netanimations.net/Clip-art-images-of-Ghosts-Ghouls-Goblins-Gnomes.htm

I believe the title of this blog would be more than enough to catch your undivided attention! QUTians are always on the lookout for one exciting adventure or another. Our uni always encourages and supports us to go ahead, carry on and try.  Brisbane CBD ghost tour was one such escapade organized by QUT for students like me who well, were crazy enough to want to undertake a hair-raising experience.

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Devoting Weekends to Study???

Its WEEK 13 and this is when all the assignments are starting to go away one by one. Before this can happen, sometimes we are required to allocate time to study on the weekend. Studying on the weekend at uni is a lot quieter and it gives you a bigger chance to get a computer.

Going to Z block level 4

You just have to make an effort to get out from the house and drag yourself to uni.



The perks of studying at uni on the weekend is that you can drive in and actually find a park. Public transport on the weekend is a pain especially if you live far away from the main street. If you haven’t been out on the weekend using public transport, don’t forget to check translink before you decide to go anywhere.

To survive being at uni on the weekend, don’t forget to treat yourself afterwards! I usually go around the city and treat myself to a yummy dessert at the end of the day. 🙂 How about you? What are you gonna treat yourself with after a long day of studying?

Let’s Paint This City, G20 style.

Color Me Brisbane“, is an interactive light and projection installations that are happening around Brisbane’s CBD. If you haven’t notice these things happening around 6PM at night after you’re heading out of campus, well then, you should. Check out more info here to see what the all the fuss is about and what events are happening.

One thing I thought that was pretty cool was the “Paint your city”. Which basically is that, you go online and register a time slot you want your projection creation to show up. Mine is happening  the 4th of November, 6:34PM across the city! Be there or be square!

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Eat Street Markets.

imageLast Saturday, I decided to pay a visit to the Eat Street Markets. As you all know for my love of markets from my previous posts, “Suitcase Rummage” & “To Market, To Market, To Buy Some Bread“, this market was a food market. From nutella pretzels to Japanese food to pineapple smoothies to live performances, this market is definitely a market you should check out!



  • Macathur Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane
  • Right next door to portside
  • Friday & Saturday – 4PM to 10PM; Sunday 10AM to 7PM


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Discover Brisbane: G20 Events



You have probably heard by now that Brisbane is hosting this years G20 Leader’s Summit. Usually, that means the heads of the world’s major economies come together to discuss important topics such as the world economy.

Y’all are probably thinking, what’s in it for me? Well, you are in luck because Brisbane is also hosting cultural celebrations leading up to the G20 Leader’s Summit.

Here are some of the events being held:

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SWOT Vac, Spend it wisely!

What is SWOT Vac? For those of you who doesn’t know, SWOT Vac is study without teaching vacation. This is the time when everyone is trying to squeeze in those 13 weeks of lectures and tutorials into 1 week. It is not recommended to do so though. 😛

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Anti-Poverty Week.

On October 15, I was happy to have volunteered for Anti-Poverty Week at QUT Gardens Point Campus.

Run by QUT Student Support Services, QUT Counselling Services, International Student Services, Student Engagement and QUT Guild Welfare on that day, the national Anti-Poverty Week (October 12th – 18th) campaign encourages everyone to take part in activities that highlight or address poverty and hardship issues. It was also a day to show students what QUT support services are there.

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Study Hacks: Time to Ace that Test!

It’s that time of year again. Final exams are just around the corner, which means students all over QUT have begun revision. This includes writing notes, going through lecture slides, and dusting the textbook that has been sitting on your shelf for the whole semester. Here are some study hacks that you can do to avoid having your study schedule looking something like this:

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Photoblog: Camping at Lamington National Park!

Photos - 1673So recently, a group of friends and I decided to head up to Lamington National Park for a night to camp ‘in the wilderness’! We only went for one night, despite the 100 odd photos that we took. The first photo above was our campsite that we booked at the official booking site. We set up tents and a tarp, and had encounters with wallabies and alpacas! Good trip? I would definitely say so!

Due to the crazy amount of photos that we took, I decided to quickly just choose some of the nicer ones to compile into a short photoblog for the QUT International Students Blog. For those who’ve always wanted to go camping, you are in luck!

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Assessment Survival Guide.

It’s that time of of year again.

Exam timetables are released, assignments are piling up, presentations awaiting to be presented. We have to admit, we have all been there and like me always not knowing where to start then you start to become to overwhelm.

Just take a deep breathe…

And here is my  5 simple advices in order to NOT end up like these memes:http://academics.cehd.umn.edu/experience/files/2013/10/f83babc13b201772ad2d65bbc661518f.jpghttp://academics.cehd.umn.edu/experience/files/2013/10/foul-bachelor-frog-meme-study-for-ten-minutes.jpg
funny koala bear eat meme examhttp://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvrt8zXG3t1qbte5go1_400.jpg












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