Holiday Fever.

The semester break is here! I just thought I would share with you all places you could visit or things you could do during the break: Read more

Exxopolis: Not a bouncy castle

Exxopolis is one of the highlights of the Brisbane Festival this year. When I first saw it, I had absolutely no idea it was. My first thought was: That is a BIG bouncy castle!

What looks like a bouncy castle from the outside is really an art exhibition

It does look like a bouncy caste doesn’t it?!

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To Market, To Market, To Buy Some Bread.

As from my previous blog post, “The Weekend List.”, you all know my love for going to the markets.

Every Saturday, I like going to The Village Markets which are located at the bottom streets of QUT Kelvin Grove Campus. From fruits to flowers to vintage clothing to food, you will never get bored of this market!

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Nerding it up at OZ Comic Con

Sunday 7th September 2014 – the day I finally had my first comic con experience. I had heard about comic conventions from my friends, the internet and of course Big Bang Theory, but I had never been to one. So when I found out Oz Comic Con was being held in Brisbane, I was super keen to go. Not knowing what to expect, I was amazed by the all the people and the stalls filled with sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and gaming merchandise. Being a small anime fan myself, it was hard to keep my excitement contained, especially around all the cute anime plushies! Also, there were cosplayers strutting their awesome costumes, and completing the comic con experience.

One of my favourite artist booths showing artist impressions of female characters..and a few males ones. Re-gram from @bossladypeep

Taking pics with all time famous trio – Team Rocket! from Pokemon

The highlight of my day was the cosplay competition. Despite my extremely limited knowledge of pop culture, I enjoyed seeing all the contestants’ costumes. Some of them even performed little skits to add extra effect. It was also really exciting when I actually recognized the characters they were cosplaying (proud moment ^____^).

Cosplay competition contestants. See any characters you recognize?

Overall, my first comic con was a success. My only regret is not being able to spend more time there (or get to see celebrity guest, Orlando Bloom *sob*). I hope I will be able to continue this comic con adventure later this year at Supernova Brisbane.

How I went from a Sharehouse to a Home (Part 2)

The very first time that I saw the place, was the day that I moved in. Little did I know however that moving in with my ‘acquaintance’ would be pretty much life changing.

(To check out the first part of my sharehouse to home story, please click here.)

From left: The face that I have on all the time in this house, Kerem (our friendly butler who went back to his mothership in Amsterdan), Filzah (the girl who randomly invites strangers to live with her) and Edna (thank god for her).

From left: The face that I have on all the time in this house, Kerem (our friendly butler who went back to his mothership in Amsterdan), Filzah (the girl who randomly invites strangers to live with her) and Edna (thank god for her).

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Discover Brisbane: Eagle Street Pier

Eagle Street Pier

One of the things I love most about QUT’s Gardens Point Campus is how close it is to Brisbane’s CBD. And one of my favourite spots in Brisbane happens to be Eagle Street Pier. Here’s a few of my top things to do while you’re there: Read more

What it means to be an International Student- New to Brisbane? New to QUT?

Many students have a dream to go abroad and pursue their higher education. For some it may be to experience a new place, culture, meet new people. For others it may be the lure to interact with the brightest and leading experts in their fields of interest.

For me, it was always my goal to study my Masters in a well-renowned university. When it was time for me to decide, I chose Brisbane and QUT. What were the factors that enabled me to take that decision?

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Random Things You’ll Only Find at QUT.

All universities and schools have their random quirks and findings that you will only find it in those Universities. An example would be a talking painting you can find at Hogwarts. Well, all of you must be thinking, “Huda, that’s a fictional place you silly!”.Well yes, I know that (Sorry Potter Fans!)

Anyways, here is a list of random things that I have found at both QUT campuses (Gardens Point & Kelvin Grove) that are unique. Let’s see if you can find them:

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