5 things you can do to be more productive!


” Did not mean to entice you in with Ryan Gosling..

With exams coming right up, everybody is bound to start to feel the stress. As lecturers and tutors begin to ramp up the heat, it is no wonder that stress is becoming a huge pain. How exactly however, can you avoid stress during the stressful periods and become more productive? Well, for those who usually get so stressed that they cry into their teddies at night, here’s a list of tips and tricks:

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Where exactly can you study in QUT?

Amidst all the mid semester rush and the hustle and bustle, sitting down to study is actually really hard. As in… REALLY HARD. As international students, we are already busy with things like laundry and picking up groceries (How did Mom do this?!) but with 40% reports and projects due soon, there’s no choice but to buckle up now and begin to prepare for the crunch.


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Bushwalking near Brisbane

IMG_4101 (4)

You may know it as hiking, but the Aussies call it bushwalking, and it’s a great way to spend a weekend! You may not think there’d be many opportunities to hike near Brisbane, but there are actually kilometers and kilometers of established trails only 40 or so minutes outside of the city, just waiting for your ambitious feet!

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Easter celebrations – it’s eggstravaganza time!


April is my special month – I’m born in April and my favourite floral season, spring, is just around the corner back in my hometown. Australia certainly has a different weather and a different manner of celebrating Easter (the gentler and more laid back kind). For merrymakers like me who’re used to vibrant festivities filled with entertainments and night shopping and all, the upcoming mid-sem break is a good time to experience the freshness of Aussie holidays.

If you are a fellow Aries/Taurus and celebrate April, here’s what you can see and do around Brisbane in this big month!

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3 things I do to stay motivated at uni


It’s hard to imagine half the semester has already gone by as we roll out into week 5. Being a second-year business student implies that making deadlines becomes a routine of my life, but in this semester I’m trying to change my usual last-minute attitude and allocate my workload a little more evenly throughout the semester. Here’s a few things I find useful for me…

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