Adjusting to university

The things I wish I knew before starting university

University is a time in our lives where we go through the biggest changes. I’ve read somewhere once that the type of person you become in university is pretty much the person you will be for the rest of your life. From our physical appearance, to the books we read, to the type of people we date, to even the type of food we eat. Don’t believe me? Just take a picture now and scribble your favourite quote underneath and compare it again with the person you are three years later. Cringe guarantee.

How could I have been so….FLUFFY?

While many of us, upon reaching a stage in our university journey, find ourselves wishing that we could do things over again with what we know now, that is not possible.

So here am I now, dispensing a list of useful advice on the things that I’ve learnt in my two years at QUT.

1) The sushi at QUT is pretty good.

While this may seem completely irrelevant, it is however important to note that the sushi beneath P Block at QUT is a complete lifesaver when you are a) broke, b) feeling kind of hungry but don’t want a proper meal or c) mid class munchies. Trust me, mentally bookmark the place.

2) Printing the lecture notes for your lecture is kind of important.

In our current world where everyone relies on technology, by that I mean our MacBooks/iPads, for everything, it is so easy to just not print out anything because you can just read them in class (duh), which is exactly what I did when I was in my first year. But little did I know that my lean mean Apple machine is actually seriously impairing my learning by causing me distraction in the lecture by causing myself to not listen to the lecturer but instead reading my notes that I should have done earlier, then following on with Facebooking, or being on Reddit. Thus, printing out your lecture notes is actually really important before your lecture. Apart from being able to take down notes immediately when the lecturer is giving out useful hints for that next test, you will also be able to avoid distraction.

*I also find that writing instead of typing helps me learn better but DPDP (different person different perspective).

3) Getting to know where your classes are at before classes start are also kind of important

Check out our campuses and locations here.

This is obviously not necessary for people in this current semester now but if you are looking at starting a new semester soon, I can’t stress how important this is if you want to avoid looking like a sheep some farmer lost in a paddy field on your first day (example: me, on the first day of this semester).

4) See your people at the course to know exactly what you are studying

If you ever feel lost about what you are studying, or if you just need help with a unit or major, always feel free to email staff as they are more than willing to help you. It is important to know exactly which path you are on too, after all, you are preparing for the real world.

5) Sit in the front

As tempted as you might to scurry off into the darkness into what is known as the back of the lecture hall every week, it is important to note that you will 100% goof off when you think the lecturer is not noticing. Always try to sit in the front if possible, chances are apart from paying more attention to the class due to fear of being picked out by your lecturer, you’ll also be doing yourself a favour (think about those school fees you are paying)!

Good luck!

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