Living in Brisbane

Brisbane Festival


Brisbane Festival is one of the largest annual cultural event which includes music, dance, acrobatic, comedy, talks and more.



My first encounter of Brisbane Festival was last year Riverfire (one of the largest fireworks display to mark the end of the festival) and Symphony under the Stars (orchestra pieces are played to the public during the night in an open space).

I loved the vibe of the festival I experienced and decided to apply for the volunteer position this year.



Volunteering for Brisbane Festival was a fantastic experience due to various reasons:
1. the friendly management team
2. the fantastic volunteer team
3. the excited crowd/audience
4. the adrenaline-pumping performances




Below is a combination of a few non-HD pictures that were taken during/after some shows:



From left clockwiseSantos GLNG City of Lights; Riverfire; Symphony Under the Stars; Untapped.






In short, these types of festivals are open to public and very family-friendly. Being an international student in Brisbane, there is no harm going to all these festivals to explore and feel the lovely atmosphere.


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