2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit

Being sponsored by QUT Business School, I have been lucky enough to attend 2013 Asia Pacific Cities Summit held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan early this month as a young professional. The summit attracted more than a hundred mayors and representatives to come together to discuss city solutions. Read more

Free Food, Here I come!

I just got myself a FREE Big Mac and it gave me the idea of writing a few tips in getting free food.

The one thing that shocked me the most when I first explored Brisbane is the price of the food. A decent meal costs more than $10. My limited student budget does not provide me with the capacity to eat out every single time. Therefore, once in a while, I will ‘hunt’ for free food. (Everyone loves free stuffs right?) Frankly speaking, I am quite proud of my ‘hunting skills’ as I have scored some decent meals. 😉 Here are my top 3 tricks!

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