Anitza Geneve

Posted May 16 2018

Faculty: Science and Engineering, School of Information Systems
Year graduated:
Thesis title: Women’s participation in the Australian digital content industry
Career category: government

Digital Learning professional Dr Anitza Geneve has been awarded the 2018 Fulbright Professional Scholar in Vocational Education & Training (VET) and will spend three months with her host organisation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States.

Dr Geneve describes the new opportunities she’s anticipating through her Fulbright program, her work and future goals, and shares her tips for new PhD students.

What motivated you to apply for the Fulbright scholarship?

I was motivated to apply for several reasons, including the opportunity to work collaboratively with experts and with thought leaders in the United States and to bring that knowledge back to Australia.

What will your Fulbright program involve?

My Fulbright program includes being a visiting professional scholar with the MIT Office of Open Learning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). I will investigate, design, implement and evaluate the use of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to support the digital literacy skills and employability skills of learners undertaking competency-based training in the Australian VET sector. The focus is on aligning the MOOC project to international best practice.

What piece of advice would you give to someone about to start a PhD at QUT?

I’d actually give people 3 pieces of advice. First, I’d recommend that you choose a topic that you are very passionate about because that passion will sustain you through the challenging periods. It took me 8 years to complete my PhD whilst juggling two babies, two countries and my career in the Vocational Education and Training sector. Second, I’d recommend building a support network, which might include your supervisors but can also be family, friends and colleagues. Third, I’d say just enjoy the journey.

What’s your main goal for 2019?

I’m looking forward to driving a conversation within the Australian VET sector on how the digital literacy and employability needs of learners can be supported within an Australian and a global context through the use of emerging technology. One aspect of my PhD was about equitable participation and human agency. I’m excited to see how this project focusing on MOOCs can support the participation of Australians in learning and employment pathways.


  • Fulbright Scholarship: the Australian-American Fulbright Commission offers scholarship opportunities to Australian citizens across various academic and career stages, including postgraduate students during their candidature; and individuals within five years of graduating their doctoral degree.
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