A Room for Research – Paper Performance Presentation by Marit Ulvund

“Who am I as a researcher, female writer, theatre practitioner, and may I be all three at the same time? Can I research my own identity and perform my findings with credibility?”

Virginia Woolf once wrote: The human frame being what it is, heart, body, and brain all mixed together, and not contained in separate compartments as they will be no doubt in another million years, a good dinner is of great importance to good talk (Woolf.1928:21).

In this paper performance, 2013 QUT PhD alumnus Marit Ulvund will explore and perform her role as a female performative, writing and researching subject. The performance is based on her reflections from the last 10 years gathered in a document called Thoughts, and which is free writings related to her PhD process, herself, and later work. Moreover, it refers to performances and other texts in papers, articles, and with reference to other writers.

Music composed and played by Stein Helge Solstad (guitar).

Event details:
Tue. 15 May 2018, 1pm – 3pm
QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Room Z9-321, Building Z9
corner Musk Avenue and Gona Parade

About Marit Ulvund

Marit Ulvund is an Associate Professor in theatre, with an arts-based and practice-led PhD from NTNU, Norway, and QUT, Australia. She has extensive experience with art programs in kindergarten and elementary school, as a university lecturer/practitioner in drama/theatre, conductor of international university art and education projects, and director and actor in music and theater performances for children. Marit is a director of Seanse Art Center, located at Volda University College, Norway. Seanse has hosted about 500 artist in residencies since 2004, and arranged national and international art workshops, conferences, and a Small Art Festival. Active in an international network, Seanse hosted the first International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC1) Oslo 2012. Marit is on the founding board for the ITAC conferences, the next coming up in New York, 13-15th of September 2018. Seanse has since 2010 had an extra focus on supporting artists in creative partnerships and developing knowledge and research in this area of expertise. Marit can be contacted at

Marit’s visit to QUT is hosted by the QUT Creative Lab.

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