Crossing Boundaries with vision, persistence and passion

Welcome to the 2019 Leadership Coaching Conference

Welcome to the 2019 Leadership Coaching Conference

Recently we held our inaugural Leadership Coaching Conference; “The Conference for Today’s Complex World”. We invited delegates to join us to jointly explore how to step forward and engage with change by navigating boundaries and generating creative tension through conversation, connection and collaboration. Read more

Leadership, Coaching, Slavery, Supply Chains, Venture Capital, and Family: A Conversation with Revel Gordon

Close up of young successful businessman looking at the the city at night

Revel Gordon is one of the featured speakers at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries on 22-23 November in Brisbane. In the world of executive coaching, Revel is established as an expert executive and team coach working with organisations like Google, Atlassian and Novartis. Read more

Hacking with Arun Pradhan: How to learn and lead when the world is moving very fast

Arun Pradhan

Arun Pradhan will be facilitating an intense hackathon to attack a big industry challenge.

I spoke with Arun Pradhan about his background and what he intends to share in his presentation at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries in Brisbane on 22-23 November.  Arun is a self-confessed geek with an enthusiasm for emerging technologies. Read more

Aaron McEwan: What can the Avengers tell us about leadership in the 21st Century?

Aaron McEwan is a coaching psychologist and the Vice President, Research and Advisory for Gartner’s HR Practice in Australia and New Zealand. I spoke with Aaron about his passions and to get some insights about his upcoming presentation at the QUT Leadership Coaching Conference in Brisbane on 22-23 November. Aaron’s work and life are consumed with influencing different people in different ways. Read more

Collaboration in Top Teams: A ‘PROPHETable’ Conversation with Katherine Tulpa

Decorative image - multicultural team

Katherine Tulpa, featured speaker at the Leadership Coaching Conference “Crossing Boundaries”,  has a fascination with different cultures, and finds both personal and professional joy in working with executive teams that operate on a global scale.

QUT is welcoming Katherine Tulpa as a featured speaker for the Leadership Coaching Conference on 22-23 November. I recently sat down with Katherine near her home in Kings Cross in London.  We talked about why she decided to travel down under from London to talk at the Conference. Read more

Crossing Boundaries Between Sport and Business: Global Stories

Associate Professor Ian Renshaw and Dr Adam Gorman

Associate Professor Ian Renshaw and Dr Adam Gorman will be speaking at the ‘Crossing Boundaries’ Leadership Coaching Conference.

QUT’s Leadership Coaching Conference on 22 and 23 November features two speakers from QUT’s Faculty of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences. I spent a fascinating hour with Associate Professor Ian Renshaw and Dr Adam Gorman talking about how they are going to tackle the ‘Crossing Boundaries’ theme in the Conference. Read more

The Art of Lingering in Leadership and Coaching – A Conversation with Reinhard Stelter

Professor Reinhard Stelter

Professor Reinhard Stelter reflects on the theme “Crossing Boundaries” and the time around the fall of the Berlin Wall

Leaders increasingly operate uncharted territory characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – the VUCA world. Rapid decision making is expected in response to rapid change. Read more

Navigating Boundaries: A Perspective from the World of Coaching

boundary, n.
That which serves to indicate the bounds or limits of anything whether material or immaterial; also the limit itself. (OED)

Boundaries are part of life – they enable us, and they constrain us. Many self-help books and coaching guides stress the need for busy people to set boundaries and learn to say no.

Read more

Leading and coaching for connection: The ‘five percenters’ fallacy

Am I imagining it, or in organisations and in life is it harder and harder for people to find agreement? It’s Brexit – or stuff it.  It’s coal – or you are out in the cold; It’s Me Too – or too bad; it’s Black Lives Matter – or what’s it matter? Increasing complexity and a plethora of pressures seem to be attracting us to ideas and people at the extremes (the ’five percenters’ at either end) to find answers to seemingly intractable problems – or we just tune out.

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