Dr Kate Williams

Kate Williams is an Associate Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education, QUT. Her research focusses on children’s development of self-regulation and the parenting, educational, and intervention contexts that support such, along with the developmental outcomes associated with children’s self-regulatory functioning. This includes children’s regulation of attention, emotion, executive function, and their sleep behaviours. She is also involved in program evaluation and interested in the measurement of children’s development and wellbeing. Kate is also a Registered Music Therapist and so is interested in the ways that music can be used to support children’s development. She is currently developing and trialling a neurobiologically-based rhythm and movement program for stimulating preschool self-regulation skills in disadvantaged communities.

Sphere shows the window to a child’s brain

If you’ve ever wondered why some young children find it difficult to manage their emotions and reactions, look no further than the brain – or if you’re at QUT’s new Education Precinct, the Sphere. In 2019, QUT opened its state-of-the-art $94 million Education Precinct on Kelvin Grove campus.…