About Martin Stead

As an experienced and qualified career development professional, Martin Stead has over ten years of experience in supporting a wide range of clients with timely, targeted and inclusive career development and employability services. As a Career Educator, Martin has supported the career development and employability aspirations of students using a variety of delivery mediums. His time is split between facilitating one-to-one career conversations with students and delivering in-school seminars on the full spectrum of employability topics.

How to stop waiting and start leading a career that works for you

In the last article (article one of three) I suggested a number of things you could do if you were feeling stuck in a career rut.  All of those suggestions were intended to do one thing for you – get you much more curious.  Remember curiosity kick starts change!  In this article I will help you work out what to do with all of this curiosity. Read more