Professor Byron Keating

Byron Keating is a Professor of Services Marketing at the QUT Business School. He is also Director of the Service Innovation Lab, a service-focused management and research consultancy based in Canberra and Brisbane. His research interests are concerned with the transformative role of technology in supporting the design and delivery of complex services. This interest began with his PhD research which examined the impact of the Internet on service delivery and consumption, and continues today in the areas of artificial intelligence, location-based services, and big data. This research has been acknowledged by numerous awards including two international dissertation awards, an Endeavour Fellowship to work with the National University of Singapore examining the impact of ethics within service supply chains, and most recently, an ARC Linkage Industry Fellowship to further his work on service experience within Australian cultural institutions.

Designing your Transformation

Nobel laureate Herbert Simon wrote that design is about “changing existing circumstances into preferred ones.” The challenge for many businesses embarking upon a transformation journey, however, is that they don’t always have a clear vision of their preferred destination, only hints of where they are going and how…

Are you transformation ready?

We live in an age where disruption is no longer the exception, but the norm. For the majority of firms, however, their response to disruption has focused on digital strategies. Firms are looking to technology to adapt their business model, create greater efficiency, drive cost savings, and maintain…

What is Transformation?

Transformation is the new business mantra. Managers are told that they need to change, and to transform their organisations before they are disrupted by some external force. Share markets reward the disrupters and penalise firms that don’t respond quickly enough. And yet, for many managers, this call-to-action is…