Emeritus Professor Gerry FitzGerald

Professor Gerry FitzGerald is Professor Emeritus on the School of Public Health and Social Work at QUT. He holds medical specialist qualifications in Emergency Medicine and Medical Administration and a Doctor of Medicine. Gerry was previously the Director of the Emergency Department at Ipswich Hospital and one of the founders of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. He served four years as national secretary and four years as Editor in Chief of the College journal. He was subsequently Medical Director and then Commissioner of the Qld Ambulance Service and Chief Health Officer for Qld. Since joining QUT, Gerry has led the development of the health management and disaster management programs. His research interests focus on the way in which emergency health services function under the routine challenges from a growing and ageing population and the non-routine challenges associated with disasters including those related to global warming.

Health System Planning and Preparedness

The current outbreak of COVID-19 is causing considerable distress around the world. It is challenging the range and scope of health services and is demonstrating the clinical, social and economic costs that pandemics can have on the community. This pandemic comes on top of a very troubled summer…