Professor Susan Danby

Susan Danby is Professor in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education at the Queensland University of Technology, and Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child. In 2019, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Education at Uppsala University, Sweden, in recognition for her international leadership in child studies, early childhood education, young children’s digital technologies, and child-adult communication in classroom, home, helpline and clinical settings. Her early professional experiences as an early years educator in Australia and in the USA in government, not-for-profit organisations, and social service agencies, provide strong foundations for working with families and industry. She was a member of the Early Childhood Australia Digital Policy Group, which launched a national statement on young children’s digital technology use (2018). Address for correspondence: School of Early Childhood, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology, Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove, Queensland 4059, Australia. Email: