Dr Cynthia Cliff

In my current role as QUT Faculty of Health Director Knowledge Transfer and Partnership Development I am responsible for the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and knowledge transfer between industry, government and community organisations in support of QUT’s Real Health Matters strategy and its Executive Education Flagship, QUTeX. My passion, experience, business career and academic interests focus on innovation at the intersection of health and wellbeing with technology and social change. Before joining QUT I worked with the mining sector on lost time injury data as well as a diverse range of other research projects. The opportunity provided by Safety Insights to update and delve deeper into current practice is a real treat; delivering take-aways for strategic decision-making, stakeholder engagement, learning and teaching, research and innovation, quality and safety, and risk management. I think, like many in the field, my interest in OHS issues began almost accidentally, when I was elected the undergraduate student rep on the chemistry laboratory safety committee at ANU. It is a thread that has continued to weave its way through my working life in university, government, private and not-for-profit Executive and Board roles. There is nothing like personal responsibility that is enshrined in legislation to focus the attention of executive and non-executive Directors’ alike! This is something we are fortunate to have in place in Australia, but as Nektarios points out there is still much to be learned and done to ensure that safety thinking is embedded and embodied in everything that we do.