Catherine Batch

Catherine Batch joined QUT as a Sessional Academic in 2013 and this year joined GSB/QUTeX as a corporate educator. Before joining QUT Catherine gained experience working in London, Dublin, Sydney and Brisbane in senior management and consulting roles. She productised her Masters project into a media training app and recently divested a payments business she developed for small business. She teaches: Corporate Media Strategy, Issues and Crisis Management, Public Relations Management, Public Relations Campaigns and Community Consultation and Engagement. Her PhD research is on the role trust plays in AI for ASX200 companies. Her aim is to assist ASX200 companies considering AI to enhance online communication, understand the significant factors which are crucial to maintaining trust.

Why companies need leaders who lead digitally

With an alarming trend that sees a disconnect between the C-suite and middle managers with 59% of CEOs pushing digitally decision-making down the organisation* there is a growing need for leaders who can lead digitally.  Increasing the capacity to tap into smarter decision making by optimising operations of…