Catherine Batch

Catherine is a Corporate Educator for QUT, teaching subjects in MBA and public sector management. She has a strong expertise in communication with a focus on its application for business technology. Her PhD research is on the role trust plays in artificial intelligence for ASX listed companies. Her aim is help ASX companies understand the requisite trust factors online when considering the application of artificial intelligence.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Investing in employees’ ongoing development has long been a strategy of the Australian public service with public management education facilitating the translation of learning into the delivery of public value through programs like the Public Sector Management (PSMP).

Pizza delivery to masked health worker

New Pride in Public Value

With pizzas being delivered to emergency wards and entire cities standing on sidewalks clapping their frontline public service, COVID-19 has taught us many things.  One that stands out is that dedication to public service has never been more applauded.

Why companies need leaders who lead digitally

With an alarming trend that sees a disconnect between the C-suite and middle managers with 59% of CEOs pushing digitally decision-making down the organisation* there is a growing need for leaders who can lead digitally.  Increasing the capacity to tap into smarter decision making by optimising operations of…