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The Next Generation Leadership Program

Team of health care leaders

Over the last few years, we’ve had the privilege of working closely with QLD Health to design and deliver what is known as the Next Generation Leadership Program. A program aimed at lifting capability of future leaders to successfully perform in executive leadership roles within the next three years.

This program offers a broad range of elements including:

  • Business, customer, and leadership-based workshops
  • Action Learning Group challenges
  • 1-to-1 and group coaching
  • Leader lounges
  • Guest speakers

Dr Kate Joyner explains more about the program: 

Despite COVID-19 adding some challenges along the way, we’re delighted to have had some forty plus participants go through this program, to date, and equally as delighted with the wonderful feedback that they’ve shared with us. Some of the feedback shared from current and past participants, includes:

Why did they apply?

  • To learn about how leadership fits with them
  • To take their leadership skills to the next level
  • To learn about the theory supporting best practice
  • To become an authentic leader
  • To develop confidence as a leader

What has resonated with them?

  • The 360-feedback process – a daunting process but the insights offered helped them pause, reflect and adapt.
  • The mix of theory with practice, as well as the coaching offered
  • The action learning projects enabled participants to truly apply their learnings back to the organisation

Stand out moments

  • Learning how to shift one’s mindset to that of an executive
  • Leader lounge sessions and gaining insights from executives and Board members
  • The peer networking opportunities

Words of wisdom for future cohorts

  • Apply!
  • Be courageous
  • Be truly present when you’re in the sessions
  • Be ready to do the work
  • Embrace the group work – you get out what you put in
  • Take the time to immerse yourself in the readings and other learning materials

What’s next?

QUT has a history of rich engagement with organisations, combined with broad areas of real-world expertise and experience, which allows us to work with you and your organisation to design and deliver skills and capabilities that are fit-for-purpose today and into the future. Find out more.

If you would like to discuss what QUTeX can do for your organisation contact 

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Kelly is a Partnership Manager within QUT Executive Education, partnering with organisations across the Health, Ageing and Disabilities sectors in respect to professional development. Kelly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing and communications, Human Resources and project management.

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