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Using Design Thinking to Create Place-Based Social Change

Through our partnership with Hand Heart Pocket, we have been able to design and deliver a purposeful course focused on Using Design Thinking to Create Place-Based Social Change. Learn more about the Hand Heart Pocket and QUT Partnership here, Helping Community Organisations.

Classroom in action

This two-day course, designed by QUT’s Dr Ruth Knight and Ray Bull, is aimed at those in leadership or board positions within non-profit or social enterprise sector in Queensland, who want to design and evaluate the creation process involved in driving social change and impact. As part of this course, learners engage in person-centred approaches that enable them to drive change within their organisations as well as influence program design and evaluation practices.

In line with QUT’s, “for the real world”, approach to learning, Ruth shares with us that this course is about…

using human centred design as a framework to think about a problem that an organisation was facing and then coming up with some creative ideas about how to solve that problem”.

What people are saying

Recent attendees of the course have also shared their key takeaways, including:

  • the role that empathy plays in design thinking
  • the importance of placing the individual at the heart of the design process
  • how the learnings are immediately transferable to the organisation
  • the powerful cohort connection and peer collaboration opportunities that were created.

As this short video can attest, a high-energy, engaging and fun-filled learning experience, can be assured when attending our courses!

This course is just one in a series of courses offered in partnership with Hand Heart Pocket. Below are some further examples of upcoming courses delivered by QUT’s Dr Ruth Knight and other expert facilitators.


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