Five Steps to Better Conversations, Connections and Engagement

We were delighted to partner with EB Games Australia in July to deliver a Keynote Conversation for over 50 of their Field Managers on the Sunshine Coast.

EB Games Australia have a number of Field Managers nationally who support retail Store Managers across their network. These leaders are faced with a multitude of challenges in working across a fast pace, high-pressure, complex retail sales environment.

With rising inflation and tighter household discretionary spend on entertainment, retail sales leaders need to be adept in self-awareness and personal leadership to be able to navigate this complexity.

These leaders are facing an incredibly busy and high-pressure fourth quarter, where the effectiveness of how they work with their teams is critical. Through our work with EB Games we were able to discuss critical leadership concepts such as resilience, how you show up, remaining calm under pressure, the importance of coaching conversations, creating a culture of feedback, and build high-performance opportunities.

More specifically through our workshop with EB Games, we worked through a series of principles for these leaders to be able to be composed, inquisitive, and supportive of their teams. This involved, as leaders how we:

  • Show up
  • Listen up
  • Speak up
  • Lift up
  • Follow up

These principles were discussed through a keynote conversation with the team, providing the group an opportunity to discuss and sense make of this process amongst their peers.

Dr Tim Baker presenting

Dr Tim Baker from QUTeX (Professional and Executive Education) delivered this session for the team on the Sunshine Coast, providing them with a foundation to build a high-performance network.

The team as EB Games Australia said that the session resonated really well with their Field Managers and provided them with strong reminders and content to consider as they lead their teams through the fourth quarter ahead.

Thanks EB Games Australia for the opportunity to work with your team.

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Kristy Hammond is a Corporate Partnership Manager for QUTeX. She is passionate about authentic leadership, corporate learning and development, strategic business development and ultimately, organisational success. As a commercially astute business leader and coach, her focus is on helping organisations achieve success, through providing strategic L&D solutions to help improve their capability, productivity and organisational development. Kristy has a breadth of strategic business experience in running businesses, leading successful large teams and creating and delivering on large offshore learning projects, primarily in the education and media industries.

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