Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Creating pathways to equip a workforce to deliver continuous value is where learning can play a crucial part. Investing in employees’ ongoing development has long been a strategy of the Australian Public Service with public management education facilitating the translation of learning into the delivery of public value through programs like the Public Sector Management Program (PSMP).

For many students, the journey does not just ‘stop’ after their PSMP study, with a growing number of students selecting to continue their learning journey.

QUT’s Dr Tony Peloso, the Academic Director who oversees the final PSMP unit, notes beginning a course of study with a pathway in mind leads to more successful outcomes.

“Making development ‘explicit’ challenges employees and their managers to outline a pathway. In the Australian Public Service this is often underpinned by policies that cater for capacity development,” said Dr Peloso.

“We are seeing PSMP graduates leverage their attainment of an academic credential and continue toward the completion of an MBA”.

Tracey Jeffries
Tracey Jeffries

Tracey Jefferies 2022 MBA graduate who followed the PSMP pathway is a testament to her hard work and the continuous learning approach and is now considering a Master of Philosophy.

I have been really lucky to have had the chance to complete an MBA at QUT following my PSMP post-graduate certificate. Often people don’t fully understand the pathways available following this credential program.”

For the public service looking for impact from their investment in developing their people, I can confirm that my study has benefited my career and my community.”

Tracey’s final MBA unit continued to offer public value and give back to the community with a project centred on a partnership with Triple A (formerly Brisbane Indigenous Media Association and known by the community as Murri radio or Murri Country). The project explored the internal and external barriers and enablers to build followers across its social media platforms to create an interactive and engaging online presence.

According to Tracey her project was identified by a recent Triple A Strategic Review, undertaken by the QUT Business School, as a strategic priority for Triple A and an area requiring further development.

“Expanding Triple A’s online presence will amplify the voices of First Nations people with direct social and cultural benefits for Australia. To date there has been little research from an Indigenous perspective on how First Nations organisations can transition from traditional media forms like radio to leverage the new media forms such as social media and online to amplify First Nations’ voices.

“First Nations media organisations represent an important pillar of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination and play an ongoing role in creating platforms to communicate First Nations voices. Alongside trusted media organisations, social media and participatory online platforms offer a growing and diversified medium through which to share First Nations content,” Tracey concluded.

QUT supports PSMP students with coaching and mentoring from teaching staff throughout the program, lifting the role of the Program from a single educational stop to a leverageable learning pathway.

The Public Sector Management Program (PSMP) is a nationally recognised and dynamic study option catering specifically for mid-level managers in the Australian public service and non-government organisations. Learn more.

*Article first published on “The Mandarin” May 2022

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Catherine is a Corporate Educator for QUT, teaching subjects in MBA and public sector management. She has a strong expertise in communication with a focus on its application for business technology. Her PhD research is on the role trust plays in artificial intelligence for ASX listed companies. Her aim is help ASX companies understand the requisite trust factors online when considering the application of artificial intelligence.

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