Unlocking Transformational Leadership

The Logan Water team

Logan Water is in the midst of a significant transformation program, a key commitment of the program was a focus on capability uplift. The newly formed leadership cohort of Logan Water required enhanced capability to support the shift to becoming one innovative, high-performing team, that would lead the business forward.

The Challenge

Logan Water engaged QUT to conduct an analysis to help understand the business “inside out”.  QUT then worked closely with the Logan Water leadership team to co-design a program that would bring to life their vision for leadership under the new model. The aim was to develop consistent leadership capability across the business, establish the leadership foundation, and allow leaders to look up and realise new ways of working.

The Solution

The Leadership Development Program was designed to uplift the capability of the Logan Water leadership team, harness the things that are great – like outstanding customer service and service continuity – and deliver benefits to the business by developing skills such as financial acumen. The combination of workshops, coaching, and high-impact projects provided a safe environment that encouraged learning and innovation and unity within the team.

The Impact

Having the whole management team learn and work together was one of the key elements to the success of the program.  Learning together helped them to grow, and through collective knowledge and understanding, become a more effective, innovative, leadership team that will lead Logan Water into the future.

The Highlights

When asked their impressions of the program, participants commented that the tools and skills they learned helped them understand their teams’ needs and manage them through this time of change, growth, and innovation.  The ability of QUT to tailor the learning to their particular needs meant that the learnings they gained were practical and able to be applied in their workplace straight away.

Our investment in the program has been really worthwhile. We’ve seen our leaders grow and we now have an enhanced structure for leadership within the Logan Water business.”

Mike Basterfield
General Manager, Logan Water

Strong leadership can make all the difference

The Deloitte Talent 2020 Report,  states that “Strong leadership can make the difference between an employee who is committed to his or her current job and one who is constantly searching for the next career opportunity”. In choosing to partner with QUT, you can help your team to strengthen their existing skills, develop new skills, become more adaptable, more multi-disciplined, and more valuable in the future. Our purpose is to help you and your organisation not only survive but equip you to thrive in times of change.

The (Leadership Development) program has helped stabilise and integrate the leadership cohort for Logan Water, which was a key element of our Transformation Program.”

Boyd Bartholomew
Transformation Lead, Logan Water

QUT has a history of rich engagement with industry and the public service, combined with broad areas of real-world expertise and experience, which allows us to work with you and your organisation to more effectively design and deliver skills and capabilities that are fit-for-purpose today and into the future.

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