Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects

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ICCPM and QUTeX Launch New Report:
Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Rethinking Risk, Opportunity and Resilience

On the 7th December 2021, the Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects cover International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) and Series Partner Queensland University of Technology (QUTeX) launched the report Harnessing Emergence in Complex Projects: Rethinking Risk, Opportunity & Resilience. The launch was attended by members of the Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (CASG) as well as members of major industry service providers including BAE Systems and Raytheon Australia among others.

Report authors QUT MBA Director Assoc Prof John Bensley, ICCPM CEO Collin Smith and Risk IQ Global Managing Director Dr Richard Barber presented the latest findings.

“Our experience of emergence has been highlighted through the COVID-19 pandemic,” said ICCPM CEO Collin Smith. “Dealing with emergence is the reality of the world we live in, and the outcome of this report adds to the body of knowledge in complex project leadership both in terms of its theoretical exploration of the topic of ‘emergence’ as well as the practical insights it provides to project practitioners who wish improve their ability to harness emergence in complex projects.”

Dealing with emergence is the reality of the world we live in, and the outcome of this report adds to the body of knowledge in complex project leadership.

The report highlights invaluable contributions from project practitioners and senior academics across Australia, Canada, India, Europe and the UK who participated in the 2020-21 Roundtable Series workshops. Participants were asked to consider how professionals can harness emergence,  and respond to uncertainty, risk and opportunity to successfully deliver large-scale complex projects.

The report was produced alongside Series Partner and ICCPM Premium Academic Partner QUTeX who is a leader in the field of project management and complex project leadership (CPL).

The biennial Roundtable Series represents an integral part of ICCPM’s thought leadership initiative to help organisations improve the performance of complex projects by staying at the forefront of complex project leadership. At a meeting of the ICCPM Corporate and Academic Partners held on the 20th September 2019, it was agreed that the topic of risk would make an important contribution in the context of both government and private industry projects. The focus on ‘emergence’ allowed the discussions to highlight the aspects of risk, opportunity and resilience.

ICCPM is an independent, international not-for-profit organisation founded in 2007. As the Peak body supporting complex project delivery  and as the custodian of the Complex Project Manager Competency Standards, ICCPM provides a central and coordinating role by bringing together leading thinkers and practitioners in the complex project management sector from around the world.

QUT has been a leading provider of multidisciplinary Complex Project Leadership education since 2007. Known as the ‘real world’ university, QUT brings broad subject matter expertise, and their alumni represent a global community of high-profile practitioners. Through the brand QUTeX, the University specialises in transdisciplinary education programs designed to develop and transform leaders and decision-making in the real world of complex, ambiguous and emergent environments.

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