New Model to Transform Corporate Learning

QUTeX is rolling out a new learning model to transform corporate learning, people capability and talent development professionals.

We are all aware of the unique challenges increasingly facing employers to upskill their workforces. We simply need to look at the press today and we see this challenge being plastered all over social media and mainstream press … ‘the war on talent’… ‘the great resignation’… ‘disruption from automation’ – whatever the tagline, it comes down to the same thing – ensuring a workforce that has the right skills for the right job.

Importantly, not paying attention to the need for upskilling is not an option for employers – at least not if they want to keep and attract new talent.

In this dynamically changing business environment we all now face – not just because of COVID-19 but accentuated by it – workplace learning has become a key lever for business success. With this shift the traditional roles of the people capability and workplace learning team is fundamentally changing.

Two key shifts can now be observed globally in corporate learning:

Shift 1:  The emergence of the Transformer ‘Chief Learning Officer’(CLO)

A role still more common in North America and Europe than Australia, but where the CLO is increasingly being separated from the HR function and with their own accountability for workforce transformation.

Shift 2: The ‘future-fit’ workplace

The ability to shape organisational capability and culture to ensure the organisation has a ‘future fit’ workforce has seen corporate learning become a more powerful and influential role. This shift now goes well beyond corporate learning and simply having a focus on skills and compliance-based training (and usually with a few leadership development courses thrown in for good measure) is obsolete.

While undoubtedly the ‘spray and pray’ approach of throwing new learning content at workforces still dominates, more savvy employers are taking a more strategic, ‘fit-for-purpose’ approach. It focuses on measurable business impact rather than training ‘activity’, which will become the new normal – and sooner rather than later.

According to Josh Bersin (2021), while 70% of the massive $US 280B corporate learning spend globally is managed and delivered by in-house learning teams, as organisations transition into strategic learning they are relying more on learning partnerships and upskilling their internal learning teams to help drive this shift. These partnerships are predicated on realising what their corporate learning teams are good at and then building relationships with specialist education partners – especially where they have strategic gaps and that require higher-order and specialist education – are critical.

Universities are specially equipped to fill this role. The big challenge for QUTeX is how can we best help these professionals and organisations make this transition easier and more effectively allow them to deliver greater impact for their organisations through learning? QUTeX has addressed this by progressively creating a series of new experienced-based learning communities across a range of professions and with corporate learning being the first – the ’CLO Accelerator‘.

Delivered as a collaboration with industry and professional associations (such as the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning & Performance), this learning community is free to join and will incorporate a deep learning support experience underpinned by the ’Transformer Corporate Learning Program’ a subscription-based education program where professionals and learning teams can undertake one or more of a series of Masterclass courses with optional QUT micro-credentials to support capability building in contemporary corporate learning.

Supported by a range of optional services such as group coaching, capability diagnostic tools, forums and Executive roundtables, and thought leadership, the CLO Accelerator will deliver a new education experience to support professionals in corporate learning, people capability and talent development to better aid their organisation’s ability to deliver on workforce capability building and transformation.

If you would like to be kept abreast of our progress as we release the first stage of the CLO Accelerator simply pre-register here and we will send you regular updates on our progress.

If you would like to reach out to have an exploratory discussion, please email our QUTeX team (

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Peter is a Corporate Educator in Corporate Education within QUT’s Faculty of Business. In this role Peter teaches strategy, business planning, innovation and entrepreneurship within the range of Executive Programs including the Executive Masters of Complex Project Management and Executive MBA. He is also the Academic Coordinator for the Management Development Program, a non-award professional development program. Peter has senior and executive management experience across the private and public sectors with extensive experience in international markets such as China, the US and within the South East Asian region. He has strong expertise in strategic and business planning, project management, technology and R&D management, intellectual property management and commercialisation. Peter also sits on the Boards of a number of high growth technology companies and has previously resided on a number of government advisory boards.

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