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Data Visualisation is a Powerful Way to Communicate Ideas

Data Visualisation classroom

I had been working at QUTeX for 18 months but had never actually participated in one of our face-to-face courses as a student. When I saw the Mastering Data Visualisation for Marketing and Communications course announced, I just had to attend.

Who or what influenced/inspired you to apply?

Data visualisation is a topic I’m passionate about; it can be a powerful way to communicate ideas and insights that are hidden within large datasets in a clear and impactful way, and I was keen to learn more about how to use data visualisations in my work.

How did this study transform you or the work that you do?

Working in a digital marketing role, I often look at large amounts of data from our website, advertising campaigns, social media, CRM, market research and other databases in order to identify trends and highlight any insights that others within the business may need to be aware of.

When trying to communicate insights and statistics verbally (meetings, Zoom calls) or through text (email), it can be quite difficult for people to understand the magnitude or importance of some of the data. By selecting an appropriate chart or another visual method to represent data, people can see things like trends or outliers at a glance, and the significance is much clearer.

This works not only for communicating to internal stakeholders, but can also be a great way to visually communicate important data and statistics to external audiences through your marketing and communications efforts.

Data Visualisation classroom

What was the highlight of your study experience?

The course highlighted a wide range of ways in which data can be communicated visually. Cameron was an engaging, knowledgeable facilitator and showed us a wide range of examples of how data can be presented, as well as guiding us through how to choose the right visualisation format to match the message, audience, and platform.

The other course participants came from a wide range of industries, which made the group discussions quite interesting. We all had a chance to dissect different DataViz examples and to discuss different perspectives on how they may be positive or negative depending on the audience and use cases.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of doing this course?

If you’re looking to find more impactful ways to present data, whether internally or externally, I’d highly recommend participating in Mastering Data Visualisation for Marketing and Communications.

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Luke is a passionate digital marketer, helping businesses drive sustainable growth through engaged audiences for the past two decades. Luke has worked across industries such as higher education, mining & resources, travel, technology, retail and finance. His current role is as the Digital Marketing Officer at QUTeX.

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