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How Can a One-Day Course Make a Difference In Your Working Life?

Cameron Pegg

I have always believed in the power of learning and have been a lifelong learner before I even knew what that was. During my career, I have attended many short courses (and longer ones). Without exception, I come away thinking “I didn’t know that before”.  Learning has never been a waste of time.

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the “Creating Publications That Cut Through and Inspire Action” one-day course facilitated by Cameron Pegg. Coming from a background of graphic design, with experience in literally thousands of print publications, I was excited to participate.

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Even though I work at QUTeX, and am in the Executive Education Centre most days, I am still impressed with the fantastic learning environment we have. Stepping away from my desk and becoming a “client” for a day was a new experience and gave me new insights to take back to my desk.

In the room, we had a small cohort, but right from the beginning, the icebreaker activity, sharing similar work joys and challenges, connected us. Participants came from varied industries, public and private sector, large organisations and self-employed, yet we all benefitted from the connections, experiences and solutions shared.

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Cameron led us through the steps to creating a successful print publication, covering all aspects of project planning and development. He was experienced, knowledgeable and practical and had great insights. He inspired us with wonderful examples and stories, encouraged us to get creative, and kept us grounded with the real-world limitations of the working environment.

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Chatting and connecting with like-minded people, with similar job interests and experiences was the highlight of the day. Add to this, the wonderful surroundings, and a day of learning with all your needs catered for, the learning experience couldn’t be better.

Going back to my original question, “how can a one-day course make a difference in your working life?” Courses like these, even for the experienced participant, refresh and reinvigorate you, offering fresh perspectives, and connecting you with others outside your regular working world.

I thoroughly recommend taking the time to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, and short courses are a great opportunity to do this.

QUTeX has a number of specialist courses presented by Cameron, such as:

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Glenda works with QUTeX Professional and Executive Education creating business communications to promote short courses, professional development and executive education. A designer with a strong advertising and business background, she has worked at GSB since 2012, coordinating adult training programs. Her particular interest is designing visual communication to enhance education. Prior to working in education, Glenda ran a graphic design studio as creative director/designer working in web design, app development and various advertising campaigns across Australia.

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