The Rebirth of Retail with Professor Gary Mortimer

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I recently shared a summary of the insights gleaned from the 2021 Australian Retail Association (ARA) Leaders Forum, which included conversations with highly respected local and international industry experts and leaders – including our very own Professor Gary Mortimer (Chair, ARA Consumer Research Advisory Committee).

Professor Mortimer presented on the ‘Rebirth of Retail’ and shared his insights on how the sector has changed and is adapting, particularly in response to the impact of COVID-19.

Key Insights: The Re-birth of Retail – Why Bending the Rules Can Create Positive Consumer Experiences

  1. The COVID-19 consumer does not feel as safe anymore.
  2. Abuse to retail workers has heightened and is a concern for the industry.
  3. The customer service experience is so important. Retail is not just about product – customers demand quality service.
  4. We have witnessed a shift in ‘positive rule-breaking’, where retailers are bending the rules to keep the customer happy. Read more in this article by Gary Mortimer – ‘The key to positive organisational behaviours and HR strategies in the workplace’
  5. Communication about the organisation and the products they sell is key for the customer, as is extra time spent with them to personalise the conversation and experience.

If you were unable to participate in the forum, or if you would simply like to revisit the content, you can watch Gary’s presentation below:

In other exciting news, QUT and the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) have entered a strategic partnership to gather deeper insights in consumer behaviour and how it affects Australia’s retail industry.

Together with Professor Gary Mortimer, the ARA and industry leaders will advance new research initiatives, empowering retailers to evolve and better meet the needs of consumers. Read more here.

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