Meet the QUTeX Partnership (HealthCare) Team

Left to right: Kelly Lorentz, Rhoda Tumusiime, Dr Peter Anderson
QUTeX Partnership Managers, Kelly Lorentz and Rhoda Tumusiime with Professor of Practice, Dr Peter Anderson.

So you may have watched our short video introducing the QUTeX HealthCare Partnership Team (and if you didn’t, here it is (see below) but we thought a more detailed write-up might be of interest. Okay, truth is, we couldn’t get everything we wanted to say into a ’30 seconds each’ piece to camera!

As highlighted in our video, QUT Executive Education (QUTeX) is a revolution in professional and executive education, bringing together knowledge from across the whole university, to help individuals and organisations, to upskill and stay relevant using QUT’s signature real-world focus (taken directly from our website, which, by the way, if you haven’t yet visited, is!!

Why is the QUTeX Team different?

The QUTeX team consists of a wide range of talent including Corporate Educators, Learning Designers, Faculty Academics, Administrators, and Partnership Managers. We each play a crucial role in ensuring that excellence is achieved with all of our Partnerships. For the purpose of this blog, however, we will focus on the role of the Partnership Managers (confession time…slight bias here given that we are part of the Partnership Team!)

What does the Partnership Management Team do?

So, what do the Partnership Management Team do I hear you ask! Well, we wear many hats, but in sum, we are responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships in our respective sectors (ours being the broader HealthCare and non-profit space…sorry, that bias is there again!). We engage with organisational leaders, we learn about their organisational development requirements, and then we respond accordingly with fit-for-purpose solutions. We play a ‘connector’ role in that we connect said organisations with expert knowledge from across the University. This is such an exciting part of the role; we are truly introducing organisations, and their people, to the best of the best.

Each member of the Partnership Management Team is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships in a particular sector. This could be Agriculture, Education, Retail, Government, Engineering, HealthCare or others. By having this sector focus, we are truly able to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that exist, and put forward recommendations accordingly. These recommendations may be professional development or research-focused in nature.

As an example to the above sector-specific reference, transformation processes that occur in the HealthCare sector (be they traditional or digital in nature) can be quite different from other sectors. By learning about the unique elements within a HealthCare environment, we can fine-tune the learning experience we are creating. This is not to say that HealthCare organisations won’t benefit from programs that aren’t specific to their sector, however, customised solutions can certainly be beneficial – it’s that all-important contextualisation piece really.

Various images of Kelly, Rhoda and Peter

Who are the QUTeX HealthCare Partnership Managers

Ok, so we’ve overviewed what the Partnership Management Team does, so let’s now focus on who the QUTeX HealthCare Partnership Managers are. We’ll start with  Peter Anderson who is the QUTeX Professor of Practice for Health of Practice and who has responsibility for working with the health sector.

Dr Peter Anderson

Peter has many years’ experience working as a health academic at QUT and the University of Queensland and he has held a series of leadership roles, including two CEO positions, in a variety of NFP organisations covering chronic disease and disability. Those roles have included large-scale mergers and significant national policy change, which has required strong leadership, important strategy development, large-scale project management, and maintaining positive culture to produce the desired organisational outcomes.

Peter has also been closely aligned with the development of the Medicare Locals, PHN’s and HHS’s, sitting on consultative and advisory committees for many years.

Peter currently teaches in the QUT MBA program as well as the Public Sector Management Program which is offered to mid-level public service managers across Australia. He is also currently managing a large-scale program developing educational materials for the Australian Army.

Peter has a strong interest to learn more about the challenges that you face, the gaps that you want to rectify, and the strengths that you want to build upon to enhance the productivity and sustainability of your organisation. As well as his own experience, we can draw upon the many highly accomplished Professors of Practice and Corporate Educators from across the university.

Rhoda Tumusiime

Next up, we have Rhoda Tumusiime. Rhoda is a QUTeX Partnership Manager and partners with clients from Australia’s Public Health, Seniors, Disabilities and First Nations portfolios to co-create impactful capability development solutions.

Prior to joining QUTeX, Rhoda held a number of strategic commercial partnership and business development positions with leading Australian professional membership organisations. In these roles, Rhoda was responsible for the development and execution of stakeholder engagement strategies and the design, program management and execution of professional development initiatives.

Rhoda started her career working in medical administration for busy Brisbane-based General Practice. She has also operated as a Practice Manager within a national allied health student clinic.

Rhoda is passionate about working with clients to co-create human-centred capability development solutions that are impactful, measurable, and evidence-based.

Kelly Lorentz

Last but by no means least, we have Kelly Lorentz. Kelly works closely with clients in the HealthCare space, including faith and mission-based organisations, connecting them with experts, from across the University, who can help them to meet their organisational development needs.

Kelly started her career working for the NHS (an Appointments Officer to be precise, trying to reduce those excessive wait times) before travelling to Australia where she began a career in HR consulting. Kelly has worked in Partnership oriented roles for many years now, gravitating toward the HealthCare and Non-Profit space as an area of focus and interest.

Kelly has a particular interest in AI and how we can balance such technologies with the still required, and all-important, human touch. In addition to this, she is interested in human-centred models of care; ensuring we are actively considering the perspectives of individuals, their families, and the broader community.

What health-related professional development and short courses does  QUTeX offer?

QUT offers a range of short courses, professional development such as:

And post-graduate courses:

Many courses are online, too, creating that flexibility we are all looking for. See the full range of health-related professional development short courses here.

Though we offer short courses and post-graduate offerings, a great deal of our work is in the customised space. We learn about your organisational needs and customise a fit-for-purpose solution.

What is the QUT Centre for Healthcare Transformation?

We can also connect you with the  QUT Centre for Healthcare Transformation. This centre brings together leading clinicians, health economists, statisticians, and implementation scientists from a variety of fields, including nursing and other health sciences.  Their aim is to transform research evidence, using practical insights, to enable effective change and to provide relevant and proven real-world practical solutions.

What’s next?

We would love to help you with your organisational needs and would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation about what your challenges are – and what solutions there might be when you connect with QUT.  Get started by emailing me at or phoning me on + 61 7 3138  9185 .


QUTeX Professional Development Planner


Kelly is a Partnership Manager within QUT Executive Education, partnering with organisations across the Health, Ageing and Disabilities sectors in respect to professional development. Kelly has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing and communications, Human Resources and project management.

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