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AIIA Skills Hub Benefit for QUT Alumni and QUTeX Community

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If you are a digital or IT worker, QUTeX is able to extend the benefits of participating in the AIIA Skills Hub to our QUT alumni and QUTeX community.  The Australian Information Industry Association is the industry body for employers of digital workforces across the public and private sector.

The exciting announcement of the launch of the AIIA Skills Hub and its availability for the QUT community means that workers across the digital, IT, and software engineering professions can participate in this capability academy to obtain access to a range of education and training courses and engage in the AIIA learning community – at no cost.

Free QUT masterclass courses

This includes access to two FREE QUT masterclass courses: Cyber Security for Non-Cyber Professionals and Strategic IT Enabled Innovation through funded placements from the Queensland Government (a saving of $660 (standard fee) per course). This is a special offer available only to AIIA members and the QUT community.

Participating professionals will have free access to the personal skills assessment which will aid QUT in identifying future course needs for the digital workforce.

How to access your free courses

To access these free courses and participate in the AIIA Skills Hub simply:

  1. Go to the AIIA web site (www.aiia.com.au)
  2. Navigate to the “SKILLS HUB“, and scroll down to “LOGIN AND GET STARTED HERE” and register. If your employer is already an AIIA member nominate your organisation or QUT in the online registration.
  3.  Once you receive your confirmation email from SkillsLogiq, navigate to “CredentialsIQ” and “View  Courses” and search for Cyber Security for Non-Cyber Professionals or Strategic IT Enabled Innovation  and follow the registration process.

The number of available free places for these courses under this AIIA and Government funding arrangement is strictly limited so get in fast!

Read more about the AIIA, Queensland Government and QUT  $400k Investment to Develop Tech Skills in Queensland.

QUTeX short courses and professional development


Peter is a Corporate Educator in Corporate Education within QUT’s Faculty of Business. In this role Peter teaches strategy, business planning, innovation and entrepreneurship within the range of Executive Programs including the Executive Masters of Complex Project Management and Executive MBA. He is also the Academic Coordinator for the Management Development Program, a non-award professional development program. Peter has senior and executive management experience across the private and public sectors with extensive experience in international markets such as China, the US and within the South East Asian region. He has strong expertise in strategic and business planning, project management, technology and R&D management, intellectual property management and commercialisation. Peter also sits on the Boards of a number of high growth technology companies and has previously resided on a number of government advisory boards.


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    Hi there,

    I am an IT worker (QUT alumuni). I was just enquiring how I can be apart of the AIIA member registration. I was looking for the free course on Strategic IT Enabled Innovation.

    Best Regards

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    Dr. Peter Beven Reply

    Hi Laura,
    Simply go to the AIIA web site (www.aiia.com.au) and click on the AIIA Skills Hub menu. When you register just select QUT as your organisation (unless your employer is a member). You can find the courses in the catalogue and pre-register to gain access to the AIIA subsidy for these courses.
    All the best Peter

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