What is the Enterprise Transformation Equation and How Can it Help You Lead Your Organisation?

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Enterprise transformation involves fundamental change to an organisation’s strategies, processes and ways of working; and requires leaders to inspire and engage everyone towards a new vision for the future.

When Major General Stephen Porter was challenged with transforming the iconic Army Reserve; he was conscious of balancing respect for the legacy and achievements of the past with the need to create new possibilities and aspirations for the future. Despite decades of senior leadership experience within the military, he knew this transformation required a different way of thinking to ensure that all stakeholders could engage with the vision for the future to create a formidable professional part-time force that could support the Army and the Australian Community’s interests. His Enterprise Transformation Equation reflects the critical components necessary to achieve real and sustainable change at a whole-of-organisation level.

But your organisational environment is different… isn’t it?

No matter what your work context, there are always nuances that make transformation efforts unique. During this series of workshops, we will leverage Porter’s Enterprise Transformation Equation and the  “Batteries of Change” model that provides an evidence-based framework to explore your current landscape and understand both real strengths and areas of concern or challenge as you design transformation. This will provide a platform from which to develop your own change roadmap and determine the actions that will help you lead successful change and transformation.

Organisational transformation is complex and demanding, but with focused leadership, clear rationale for change, a strong “why”, and the agility to deal with the unexpected, it can be achieved.

Major General Stephen Porter
Major General Stephen Porter has a powerful story of organisational transformation and renewal.

Free event

Join us for Part 1 of our 5-part Enterprise Transformation Equation series, with Major General Stephen Porter AO. Attend online or in Brisbane, 2nd March 7.30 –9 am. The event is free but registrations are essential: register here.

In this short video, I talk about Major General Stephen Porter AO  and the inspiration for this amazing  Enterprise Transformation Equation series. For more information about the full series click here.



Welcome. I am Antony Peloso from QUT and QUTeX. I want to share with you details of an enterprise transformation series we have developed in conjunction with Major General Stephen Porter.

Major General Stephen Porter

Major General Stephen Porter has a powerful story of organisational transformation and renewal.

His work in the Australian Army and The Army reserve has been extraordinary. For his Transformation work in the Army Reserve and other contributions Stephen was honoured as an Officer of the Order of Australia.

I was able to spend some considerable time with Stephen to be able to understand the overall motivation for the transformation and also his motivation – what was in it for him.

What I learned

From our conversations I began to get a real sense of the structure and process that Stephen and his team used in this endeavour as he worked to transform an organisation of over 5000 people, mostly volunteers, and align the vision and purpose with that of the overarching role of the Australian Army – that is – the full time serving members of the force.

As I worked with Stephen I realised that there was potentially a lesson for all of those of us who are working in the change and transformation space. I also realised that there was what I thought seemed like a specific formula or system that underpinned his thinking

Transformation equation

When I asked him about this, Stephen said OH yes I have a transformation equation that we developed. And that was a moment of clarity for me.

I realised that there was a very specific and considered approach that we should be sharing so that other enterprises, large and small, can adopt and make their own.

The conversation continued and we talked through some ways that this could work.

Enterprise Transformation Equation Series

We have developed a comprehensive Enterprise Transformation Equation Series as a result.

Firstly we thought it would be great to share with those who are interested Stephen’s story and how he set up the Transformation effort and was able to get the support and buy-in he needed.

Hence the idea of an In conversation morning with Stephen hosted by me and our leadership guru Dr Catherine See.

We also realised that a short focused session would be great so that interested organisations could share their specific issues and challenges and learn how the Transformation Equation would apply in their context.

To complete the Enterprise Transformation Equation (ETE) Series we have developed a series of one-day sessions, with self- guided steps and action intensives that leaders and their teams can work through as they focus on their transformation journey.

The first of the one-day sessions is built around the Enterprise Transformation Equation and the launch steps of change.

The second day is focused on energising the transformation: a deep exploration of the enterprise’s culture and history and then exploring the batteries of change that drive the transformation process.

Plenary session

We know from our work that many enterprises get started and enthused but lose direction and need some extra help and support.

We have developed a follow up @work self-guided intensive that allows leaders and their teams to continue to work on, inhouse.

Most importantly, the third and final day of the Series is a whole day session where small teams will work to refine and build sustainability of their transformation journey, with Stephen Porter, as the host and driver of the day, and facilitators working directly with enterprise teams. The day finishes with a plenary session and shared reflections. This includes a ‘what’s next’ in your transformation journey.

Major General Porter is the principal facilitator of each of the workshops supported by a team of experts from QUT.

So I hope you will join us for this extraordinary journey!



Tony is a Corporate Educator for QUT, teaching strategic thinking, strategy implementation, innovation and marketing. He has strong expertise in strategic thinking and business planning, innovation and creative processes, and leadership development. Tony’s research interests include employee loyalty, organisational climates, and corporate reputation.

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