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PSMP Scholarship helps Cairns Safer Streets project

Cairns waterfront imageTo help build a high-performing, future-focused Queensland public sector, each year the Queensland Public Service Commission partners with QUT to offer one-for-one scholarships for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander employees to undertake the highly regarded Public Sector Management Program (PSMP).

This opportunity is part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to building Queensland’s leaders of tomorrow, today. With a focus on fostering greater diversity of thought and lived experience in leadership positions, the scholarships are offered to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees to complete the Public Sector Management Program, in partnership with QUT.

Here, scholarship recipient, Stephen Tillett shares some insight into his PSMP experience and the outcomes it has achieved for his community.

What scholarship did you receive and when?

I received a Public Service Commission Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship to complete the Public Sector Management Program and commenced in May 2017.

Who or what influenced/inspired you to apply?

I had always wanted to complete tertiary study, however, I could not afford to do any.  When I saw the scholarships advertised I recognised it as an excellent opportunity to complete some tertiary study and develop myself personally and professionally.  My mum inspired me to apply, she went to university at the age of 47 to get her degree after not completing high school.

What was your personal growth story?

Self-awareness and self-development are critical for personal and professional growth.  I felt that I needed to do more for myself to help progress within the Queensland Police Service after being a police officer for 20 years, and this was a great opportunity to do this.

How did this study transform you?

The knowledge, skills, and experience I have gained doing this study were all relevant to my current position as Project Manager, and Queensland Police Service representative, for Cairns Safer Streets.  I lead a team of six different State Government agency representatives working to improve community safety and well-being through community and whole-of-government partnerships, so I use the knowledge, skills, and experience from this study every day.  Also, being able to do a workplace project as part of the PSMP directly benefited my workplace.

What has been the highlight of your study experience?

Building relationships and networks with a fantastic cohort of people from other state and federal government agencies.

What advice would you give to someone looking at trying to do what you have done?

This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, improve your self-awareness, and develop skills, knowledge, and experience that is transferable across a wide range of sectors, organisations, and agencies.

 Stephen Tillett

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If you are interested in studying the PSM Program or applying for the Public Sector Managment Scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact psmprogram@qut.edu.au.

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Dr Evelyne Meier is an experienced company director, who completed her PhD in Public Policy at the University of Queensland in banking and monetary policies. She is the president of REBUS Theatre & Workplace Training for Social Change in Canberra. Dr Meier also has many years’ experience working in the Queensland public sector at executive level. Prior to that she worked in Paris and Basel in international banking after obtaining her Master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher school, Tufts University in Massachusetts. She initially qualified as a registered nurse. She is now a part of the QUT Graduate School of Business in the capacity of government partnership manager and leads the national delivery of the Public Sector Management Program.

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