Driving Customer Centricity through Front Line Coaching: Coaching as Everyday Practice

One of the great ‘needs’ of all organisations, regardless of size, structure, location, industry and classification, is to understand the value delivery system. These matters, whether the organisation’s structure is for corporate, government agency or social benefit, and includes stakeholders along with all participants in the delivery chain.

This is especially important in future retail and other high contact organisations. It is essential in these situations that we understand and make the connection with the customer and client’s crucial needs and wants. We will call this customer centricity.

We also need to make sure that these are served in a way that is mutually satisfying and beneficial for all. No organisation can continue long term if it is not also achieving its goals. By and large, this is the function of customer-centric and customer-facing interactions within organisations.

To do this, there are important issues to address:

  1. How do we ingrain customer-centric and insight-driven approaches into all of our business processes?
  2. Who should be responsible for this in the organisation?
  3. How do we enable those who are customer-facing in their roles every day?
  4. What skills and capabilities do we build within teams and individuals who both deliver service, and are the links, with the organisation?

Read an expert view on why Retail Customer Centricity works.

In this whitepaper, Dr Antony Peloso, shares his expert view on the importance of Customer Centricity and the role of coaching in order for an organisation to succeed. Download the whitepaper.

Insights - Whitepapers with a real world view. Read an expert view on why Retail Customer Centricity works. Download


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