Ethics Redefined My Corporate Core Muscle

Monika CampbellBuilding your Ethical Leadership skills is not a gentle intellectual exercise, as Monika Campbell cautions below. Getting a glimpse of your own unconscious biases is usually confronting. And imagining how you would come across, if questioned before a Royal Commission, downright frightening!

But like most strenuous activity, if you are prepared to put in the work, you can reap great rewards in terms of strength, agility, and skill refinement. Monika joined us for our QUTeX Ethical Leadership Series last year and recently sent us the below message, reflecting on the unique learning opportunities she encountered and how they have changed her professional practice since. This is Monika’s story…

“For me, Ethical Decision Making in Complex Environments six-part series has provided some future-proofing. Far from an ideological feel-good discussion, this course had grit. It responded to my own self-reflective questions that as an individual, as a leader, as a consultant, and as a Director, if it was me in front of a Royal Commission, how would my actions (or lack of actions) stack up? How had my leadership shone a light on the hidden culture, and how had I identified and treated the situation that created a set of conditions for a winner and a loser?  For me, Ethical Decision Making In Complex Environments answered a need that perhaps an MBA or a mentor could not.

For me, it redefined my corporate core muscle and I suggest it is essential regardless of stage of career and scope of influence.

Onboarding, transitioning, mangers of self, managers of business, organizational change, or divestment projects – all parties and sectors will benefit from this course and the conversation it provokes.

Facilitated with empirical research, authenticity, and expertise from various backgrounds, this course for me, time and time again provided granular gold that went beyond another audit or training tool, to flipping my thinking and creating focus on the conditions that create sustainable competitive advantage and ethical actions.  Providing the opportunity to practice as only the QUTeX  and Graduate School of Business can, I left each of the six sessions with nothing in that tank, metaphorical legs shaking, and corporate core muscles cramping from integrating the days work.

This course has been somewhat of a game-changer for me. I left this series richer in my professional point of difference, my clients have the benefit of my sharpened skill to interrogate the thinking roadblocks I may come across, to question without combat, to verify and trust, and engender a shift in action and thinking so that ethical decision making, and win-win, sustainable outcomes can be a repeatable, and celebrated goal.

Monika Campbell, HR & Safety Practitioner, Bachelor of Behavioral Science (IR and OHS), and Masters of HRM.

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Melinda was a Litigator, Professor of Law, Assistant Dean and Managing Director of her own business before joining QUTeX as a Professor of Practice. She has custom-designed corporate education programs for a range of sectors including mining and resources, the legal and medical professions, government, banking and NGOs. She also has extensive international experience including projects in Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, The Czech Republic and Papua New Guinea. Melinda teaches Negotiation, Leadership and Business Law in the Graduate MBA and EMBA programs, is an Executive Coach and also leads the Ethical Leadership in Practice Series for QUTeX.

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