Standing down, mobilising or re-deploying staff – How to ethically make the hard decision

Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the commercial viability of your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed and at times conflicted about how to keep your business solvent whilst honoring your obligation to your employees?

In this short video, QUTeX Professor of Practice Melinda Edwards shares practical tips on how ethical decision-making frameworks can be methodically applied by decision makers charged with standing-down, mobilising or redeploying staff to keep their businesses afloat. In particular, she will discuss how to:

  • Avoid making morally ambiguous decisions that can impact the mental and physical well being of you and those in your charge.
  • Provide clarity and structure on how to ethically structure, execute and implement the roll out of difficult commercial decisions in alignment with your personal values.

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Melinda was a Litigator, Professor of Law, Assistant Dean and Managing Director of her own business before joining QUTeX as a Professor of Practice. She has custom-designed corporate education programs for a range of sectors including mining and resources, the legal and medical professions, government, banking and NGOs. She also has extensive international experience including projects in Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, The Czech Republic and Papua New Guinea. Melinda teaches Negotiation, Leadership and Business Law in the Graduate MBA and EMBA programs, is an Executive Coach and also leads the Ethical Leadership in Practice Series for QUTeX.

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